Your glamorous life in 27 seconds

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July 9, 2021
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Your glamorous life in 27 seconds

There’s a trend going around TikTok that’ll make your life look thrilling should you choose to give it a try. With just 27 seconds and a lot of short video clips, users doing this trend show a glimpse of their life, jam-packed with excitement.

To get a feel for the trend, here’s a popular one done by @kkateli. @kkateli expressed in her caption that “I was very skeptical but U NEED TO TRY THIS.”

@kkateliI was very skeptical but U NEED TO TRY THIS

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When you hear the basics of the trend, skepticism seems justified. How could 27 seconds of seemingly random video clips mashed together create anything meaningful?

Fortunately, this trend manages to exceed the expectations of all who try it. And the way it works is pretty simple. On a day-to-day basis, most of our lives seem fairly dull. But everyone goes out and does fun things on occasion, and the video compilation conveniently leaves out the less eventful days.

While doing this trend, you might even find that your life is more thrilling than you realized. It’s easy to take our best moments for granted and forget some of our adventures. This trend encourages users to look back on their lives and recall their favorite experiences. It’s likely that, while curating a selection of video clips, creators will be overwhelmed by having too many videos to choose from. That’s a great problem to have, and it’ll likely change your perspective of your own life.

The one problem with this trend is that not everyone takes videos wherever they go. With social media at our fingertips, a lot of people constantly record their activities to give their friends, family, and fans live updates throughout their day, but other people choose not to be as active on socials or simply prefer to live in the moment.

Given that reality, this trend might not be for everyone. But even if you don’t have a plethora of videos to choose from right now, it wouldn’t take long to build a large enough collection to make one of these video compilations. It could be a fun project for you to try. 

As is often the case with TikTok trends, not everyone took the intended direction. To put a twist on the trend, @kkateli tried the trend again, this time to promote her small business. Using this trend for promotional purposes is a genius way to advertise for any business. It’s also very fascinating for viewers to get a peek at the behind-the-scenes of a business.

Another difference between @kkateli’s second post and her original is that she used 32 video clips the second time around. She got the idea to do this after receiving a comment suggesting it on her original post doing the trend. The reason that 32 works better than 27 for this trend is that the audio used has 32 beats. It’s more pleasing for viewers to see one video clip per beat.

To view more videos under this trend, check out this sound on TikTok.

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