Why do so Many People Love Romance in Reality TV?

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August 9, 2021
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Why do so Many People Love Romance in Reality TV?

Finding love and romance is a goal that most people try to acquire during the duration of their lives. It shouldn’t be a shock that regardless of the genre, productions involving romance tend to be more successful and popular. This tendency goes beyond the fake love that is portrayed between two actors, it goes towards the reality shows where TV/movie consumers watch real people try to fall in love. So, why are so many tv watchers obsessed with shows like The Bachelor, Love is Blind or Love Island, even when they are mostly based around lies?

The drama, even if fake, is one of the main reasons people watch reality TV in general. Viewers love to watch people interact especially when they are fighting or arguing over something – it is extremely engaging and popular for TV. Love Island is one of the romantic reality shows that builds its viewership on the petty or extreme fights that can happen between the two contestants or more. Love Island surrounds itself with a group of singles that come to a villa, hoping that they will find the kind of love that they have been looking for. A couple has a chance of winning 50,000 dollars at the end of the show if they make it without getting eliminated. Love Island has more of a chance of having fake people who are only there for the money in this case. But The Bachelor proves that, even without a money prize, drama can still happen. Take when Arie, from season 22, proposed to the wrong girl, it caused major distress, but people were at the edge of their seats for what could happen next.

The people, whether they are toxic or loveable characters, provide reasons why people tune in every day. People root for the loveable characters and are hoping they will find love. In this season of Love Island, a fan favorite has been the contestant Cashay and even though she hasn’t found the best love connection, people are rooting for her as a person. A toxic character example will be Chad from season 12 of Jojo’s Bachelorette season, no one liked him as he threatened people multiple times during his season but viewers were awaiting what his next crazy move might be.  

Finally, the romance, people like watching other people potentially find their other halves. Some people may ask, what is the point of rooting for couples when so many of them break up soon after the show ends. Even if the pair breaks up, the point is watching them together on the show and seeing the mild connection regardless. People may want to strive for the kind of relationship the two characters have or are rooting for a certain person out of the couple. However, there have been some couples that have stayed together for example Luke T & Siannise for season 6 of Love Island and Cameron & Lauren from Love is Blind.

In general, most of the population is obsessed with love. There is even a dating show called, Dating Around, that is not surrounded by any drama but mainly watching people on dates, and that still entertains people. In all, romance reality shows are a trend in TV shows that will never go out of style.

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