Why Are People Licking Tubs of Ice Cream?

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Why Are People Licking Tubs of Ice Cream?

How far would you go to make a viral video? Well, one girl decided to go the food-tampering route and ended up creating an unsanitary new internet challenge. The girl, whose name has not been released but has since been identified by the police, was filmed in a Walmart opening and licking a carton of ice cream and then putting it back in the freezer. The incident was then posted on Twitter and became an instant hit, garnering tens of thousands of likes and retweets. Take a closer look, though, and you will see that the majority of the near-forty-thousand people who commented on the tweet were less than amused.

Many wondered what would drive someone to do something so disgusting, with some even raising the question of why more ice cream cartons don’t have plastic covers that would prevent such behavior. Unfortunately, the problem stems beyond this singular tweet. The tweet with the original video has racked up over 10 million views, and this viral ‘prank’ has inspired others to do the same.  A 36-year-old man, days after the original video came out, was recorded in a Louisiana store licking a carton of ice cream and placing it back in the freezer. The man then posted the video on Facebook, with the hope of having created his own viral video.

Once again, I raise the question that I posed at the beginning of this post: How far would you go to make a viral video? Would you risk getting in trouble with the police just to get your 15 minutes of fame? Would you risk the health of potential customers that could end up eating from that tub of ice cream? While it is difficult to predict what will and will not go viral, I hope that we can all agree that we would rather see viral videos that have a positive message or impact on society. At the very least, if you feel inclined to try and recreate a viral video or challenge, make sure it’s one that doesn’t jeopardize your health or the health of others.

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