Who knew Pickled Garlic could be a tasty snack?

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Who knew Pickled Garlic could be a tasty snack?

Tik Tok has provided many different trends for its users, especially food ones. Nature’s cereal, bell pepper & cream cheese, and whipped coffee are just some of the many creations that have been shared. However, one of the most shocking recipes has to be the latest. Garlic tends to be used for flavoring in different foods, however, Tik Toker Lala has demonstrated that it could be eaten straight out of a jar as well!

Lala’s first Tik Tok was posted in March of 2020, where she began posting funny videos and commentary; her content was relatable and humorous which sparked her popularity. Users liked Lala because of her quirky personality and how genuine and sweet she was through the screen. Additionally, many have commented on how pretty and calming her voice sounds as well.

After a while of posting videos, she began posting about food on occasion, some of her first videos included her picnic lunches. Viewers became fascinated with her food videos because she would use and eat items that were not common in the US. For example, she would get requests to eat one of her favorite snacks – sausage that comes from orange plastic wrapping – because watchers were captivated by what she was eating. It was not until the beginning of April where Lala posted her pickled garlic creation. She mentioned how she usually eats pickled garlic just plain (straight out of the jar) but today she decided to “spice it up a little bit.”

The recipe includes a container of pickled garlic that has to be natural with no extra flavoring. The vinegar from the jar has to be drained before the toppings can be added. Lala adds sriracha, chili flakes, and thyme to create her viral combination. After a good shake of the jar, the recipe is completed! The first video received 1.4 million views, however, her next video went even more viral with 22.1 million views. More viewers became intrigued by the creation over time and began asking more questions about it. People were hesitant to believe that pickled garlic genuinely tasted good because of how abnormal it was. So, Lala continued making videos to convince people to try her tasty snack. Lala has mentioned that it is so delicious that she “always eats the whole glass in one sitting”. At one point she even commented on her breath and stated, “my breath is fine guys, its pickled garlic it does not smell”.

Eventually, Lala tells the story of how she came up with her combination. She used to live next door to a Korean woman, who would make kimchi for Lala. However, once Lala moved, she had to find a way to satisfy her cravings so one day she “experimented” with the pickled garlic, and here she was now. Ultimately, out of a craving for kimchi Lala was able to make one of her new favorite snacks and get Tik Tok famous. She has almost 3 million followers as she continues to post more food videos.

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