Which Book is Netflix Adapting to the Big Screen?

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Which Book is Netflix Adapting to the Big Screen?

Netflix’s Originals have come a long way since the first one, Lilyhammer, in 2012. The streaming site has created hits like To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before Trilogy, You, The Kissing Booth, Bridgerton, and more. However, all these titles are book-to-movie adaptations. Recently, it seems Netflix has been taking advantage of adapting books and bringing them to reality; many book series already have their own fan base so there’s already some popularity before the production comes out. With Bridgerton being one of the most streamed shows with 82 million viewers, it’s no surprise more adaptations are coming to Netflix.

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough follows the heroine, Louise, who mistakenly has a one-night stand with her new boss. Not only is he her new boss, but he also happens to be married. On the surface level Behind Her Eyes is a dramatic TV series but surprisingly takes a turn to incorporate thriller and horror plot twists. The TV show adaptation was released in mid-February and has been a hit with viewers seeing as people haven’t been able to stop talking about the shocking ending. Only days after the show was released, “#WTFThatEnding” was trending on Twitter about the striking finale. The series is very much bingeable as there are only six episodes.

Shadow and Bone will be following the Shadow and Bone Trilogy/ Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo. The series of books in total are referred to as the Grishaverse; Bardugo has become a New York Times best-selling author because of the popularity of the books. The series starts off with Alina Starkov going on a journey across the Shadow of Fold where she finds out that she isn’t the normal girl that she thought she was, rather she is something special called the Sun Summoner. The trailer has already been released as the highly anticipated fantasy series will start streaming on April 23rd.

The Selection series by Kiera Cass has unfortunately had numerous failed attempts to be brought to the big screen since 2012 but finally it has been picked up by Netflix. The Selection series is set in a dystopian world, where girls from all different social classes are able to send an application to possibly marry the current prince of Illéa; the series has been referred to as the princess version of The Bachelor, where the heroine, America is trying to win over, Prince Maxon. The series has been insanely popular since its published date as it has almost a million ratings on Goodreads. Sadly, as of right now there is no trailer as it is still very much in the developing stage. Until then fans are excitedly waiting for updates on the series!

Other adaptations coming to Netflix (if they have not already been released) are Moxie, There’s Someone Inside Your House, The Last Letter from Your Lover, Firefly Lane, Anatomy of a Scandal and more. Book fanatics and Netflix watchers have an abundance of exciting films/TV shows in the coming future.

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