What is Hive?

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What is Hive?

Hive, a new social media app, has caused a state of frenzy for Twitter as it seems like the app is becoming a new place for the current generation to hang out through social media.

Recently, Hive was trending on Twitter after being shut down due to so many people downloading and starting to use it. Somehow in one night, the app had gained over 130,000 users which was a shock for the app.

Hive is a combination of user’s favorite social media apps. It is similar to Instagram in terms of photos. There is a section where users can post pictures, and then like, comment and share them. In regard to Twitter, the similarities are there is a place where users can write out anything they may want and a section full of trending topics.

The app was created by Kassandra and when speaking about the app she commented, “HIVE is oriented [around] the user experience through a chronological order feed that maximizes content engagement.”

The app has been around since 2019 but most people didn’t know about it until Kassandra started promoting it herself and with help from social media users, @imanimlewis and 1DPsychic.

For the moment, only Apple users can use the app but from its popularity, it will only be a matter of time before android users will be able to use it. The app has been found to be a bit slow and has some bug fixes so as the app keeps growing there is hope that it will get better. Kassandra added “We have a list of additional new fun features to add in future updates. We do also encourage user feedback so we can listen and make updates you’ll actually love and that will enhance your experience with HIVE!” when talking about the growth of the app.

Some people have been excited about a new app circling the internet. However, there have been Twitter users who have opposed the app as well. One Twitter user tweeted, “I don’t have the energy to actively use multiple social media apps. So, it’s gonna be a no to Hive for me.” Another user continued, “downloaded hive but realized I’m at an age where I can no longer learn and adjust to new social media.” These comments are not surprising as not all generations will be able to keep up with the newest internet trends.

However, it would not be a shocker if Hive becomes the next big thing. Tik Tok first came out in 2016 and not too many people were using it but somehow over the two years, it became currently one of the most popular apps. Therefore, even with the endless possibilities of what may happen to Hive, the future for the app looks bright.  


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