What is a Finstagram?

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July 29, 2018
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What is a Finstagram?

While Instagram has exploded in popularity, the platform has remained a place where users only post pictures of what would be considered highlights of their lives. Most users’ profiles are carefully curated. In contrast, people post entire photo albums on Facebook and people share photos on Snapchat with reckless abandon.

Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are all popular social networks that have added “story” features which allow the sharing of media that will only be displayed for twenty four hours. For many people, this allows them to keep their posting somewhat high quality while still sharing content on a regular basis. However, younger users of Instagram have shunned the story feature, instead creating Finstagrams.

A Finstagram is a fake Instagram. Rather than being your way of showcasing your life to the world at large, it’s a more-private page that you share only with your closest friends. It’s no secret that many Instagram users spend hours scrolling through the platform each day, so Finstagrams give circles of friends a way to continually engage each other in-between vacation photos and weddings.

A typical Finstagram may be named similar to a user’s main page or may use a lesser-known nickname or alter ego. Often they will appear in your suggested friends and rarely need to be promoted within friend groups. Pictures and videos, which are posted with higher frequency, are often lower quality. It is common for memes to be posted as well. The closed-circuit nature of Finstagrams often means that much more personal details are getting shared, from inside jokes to details of work and love lives.

While “fake,” Finstagrams are often more real and genuine than users’ main pages.

In understanding Finstagram pages, it is important to note that they are not an important part of building your business. However, as a user with one, you must understand that there is no guarantee that your activity will be truly private.

Finstagrams are an intriguing result of obsessed active users essentially creating a new type of network inside Instagram. Hopefully this article was able to help you understand what all those new profiles you’re seeing are and why people you barely know aren’t accepting your follow requests.

Ryan H.
Ryan H.
Entrepreneur, brand developer and social media specialist, Ryan Hertel is the creative director of a social media growth service, Tree Frog, which he launched in 2017 alongside his business partner. Ryan travels back and forth between his companies and clients in New York City, Philadelphia and Scranton Pennsylvania. 

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