What Are Snapchat Minis?

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What Are Snapchat Minis?

While social media platforms like Instagram continue to compete with the rapidly growing video-sharing app TikTok, Snapchat is expanding its capabilities in other areas. With the launch of Snapchat’s “Snap Minis,” users are now able to run some third-party apps within Snapchat. Much like how users are able to play games against each other within Snapchat, they can now access even more activities usings Minis. 

There are currently four Minis available: “Headspace,” “Prediction Master,” “Let’s Do It” and “Tembo.” Headspace, a meditation tool, offers a variety of three-to-four minute “Mini-Meditations” for users to engage in with their friends over Snapchat. Prediction Master allows users to vote on real-world scenarios in subjects including business, music, sports, and gaming. Users can then share their predictions with others over Snapchat. Let’s Do It is a way for users to make group decisions virtually. Within this Mini, users can also choose “Let’s Eat” or “Let’s Watch.” Whether the dishes need to be done or someone wants to cook a new meal for dinner, all of these decisions can be made using Let’s Do It. Finally, Tembo offers a “Flashcards” study tool, which allows users to study a range of subjects with one another without having to be in person. 

As many parts of the world continue the practice of social distancing, Snapchat’s release of Snapchat Minis could prove to be a big success. While many users may no longer be able to see their friends in person as frequently, Snapchat’s newest edition can act as a temporary solution to stay in touch virtually in new ways. By continuing to add unique features within Snapchat, the photo-sending app will hope to separate itself from the pack. While Snapchat has historically faced financial issues, 2020 may yet be a big year for the company and its more than 220 million daily active users.

With more Minis expected to be launched sometime in the future, Snapchat may hope to capitalize on this potentially new social media niche. If the Minis see major success down the line, other social media platforms may take notes and roll out with versions of their own. 

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