What are Ghost Profiles?

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What are Ghost Profiles?

Have you ever wondered why random people were following you on Instagram?

For example, you see a random profile pop up in your notifications saying that they followed you, yet you have no idea why they followed you or how they even found your account. And, the kicker to all of this, is that they make it seem as if they like your content by liking three to four pictures in a row or even commenting on several pictures saying things like “Great photo” or “Amazing!” The truth to all of this: these profiles are bot accounts that are created to scam and mislead you.

These kinds of people, or profiles, are what we call ghost profiles. They are profiles that people make for no apparent reason but to make them feel like they are doing you a service. Sure, they like your pictures one day, but do they ever like them ever again? No, they don’t. They make it seem like they are interested only to ghost you by never being active again or by unfollowing you.

These profiles are like being ghosted by someone you potentially are interested in dating. You hear from them for days on end for them to just disappear out of the clear, blue sky. These profiles do just that and are the kinds of profiles that one needs to look out for when wanting to expand their Instagram following.

These ghost profiles are also known as bots, or fake profiles that are known to be scams. These profiles, while they remain inactive, tend to be very dangerous and can get people into sticky situations. For example, I have been direct messaged on my Instagram by someone who claimed to be an “up and coming” social media mogul. In order to actually jump start their career, they were seeking out donations and asking me to hand over my credit card information. Ghost profiles like these do not disappear. Instead, they linger and lurk in the depths of Instagram to find people to scam. And these ghost profiles do not discriminate; they will ask everybody and anybody for money or their credit cards, so they can eventually steal your identity.

Knowing how to spot ghost profiles are easy: always look at the way they type, their response time to messages, and even their profile pictures, which typically look pixelated and suspicious. Knowing these signs will help you to weed out the fake followers on your Instagram page and to keep the ones that actually are there for your content. Plus, knowing what ghost profiles look like will give you an opportunity to expand your following organically and not just allowing anybody to follow your page. Always just be mindful of these kinds of profiles.

Especially when wanting to expand your following, it is good to know about ghost profiles because you want to have real life people follow you and liking your posts. That is what we at Tree Frog do. We help Instagram users to gain an organic following of REAL people, so they have a chance of being more recognized on social media. We know what it’s like to be fooled by so many profiles that we strive to gain you a real following that will actually like and comment on the content you post. We prefer real and alive profiles rather than the dead, ghostly ones.

Look through your followers and see who newly follows you. You never know if they are there just to sit and do nothing or if they are there to try and con you out of money. Either way, both kinds of ghost profiles are not good for your expansion of followers, so take the time to see who is there for you and your content and who is there just to play games. I promise you that this will help you gain a real following of real people. As if they were real ghosts, watch them disappear and watch the people that you, or us at Tree Frog, gained authentically appear and stick around in your feed for good.

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