Wendy’s, Mcdonald’s and Burger King Latest Creations

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June 22, 2021
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June 24, 2021
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Wendy’s, Mcdonald’s and Burger King Latest Creations

In the last two years, McDonald’s has partnered up with many celebrities to do specialty meals. Recently, McDonald’s partnered up with the biggest boy band on the planet, the K-pop group BTS. The meal contains 10-piece chicken nuggets, fries, special sauces and a drink! BTS is extremely popular so most fans could not wait to get the meal. The BTS meal was only out for a week when it brought in “more traffic to stores than the Travis Scott meal”. It is not surprising that some McDonald’s had to close because of the influx of customers. In Indonesia, the BTS meal “drew crowds of delivery drivers that violated safe distancing measures” so 32 McDonald’s, unfortunately, had to shut down. Thankfully, fans have been trying to tip the delivery drivers graciously for trying to get their meal while possibly risking themselves to the virus.

In 2019, there was a “chicken sandwich war” when Popeyes released its new sandwich. It was being compared to Chick-Fil-A, who at the time most people thought had the best fast-food chicken, but everyone was in a race to try the Popeyes sandwich. It became so popular that their three-month supply of the product sold out in two weeks. The drama has relaxed but as of late, Burger King has added their own creation to the mix. The “Chicken King ” went to restaurants on June 3rd. The franchise has been working on perfecting the sandwich for two years. To combat Chick-Fil-A who donates to a Christian group, Burger King decided that “it would donate 40 cents up to $250,000 for every sandwich sold this month to the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group in the U.S.”

Wendy’s partnership with the Adult Swim show, Rick and Morty, is entering its second year, and they decided to “include two new show themed mixes in more than 5,000 Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in Wendy’s locations across the country.” The two flavors, Mello Yello BerryJerryboree, and Mello Yello Portal Time Lemon Lime will be available from June 16th to August 22nd. The chief marketing officer at Wendy’s explained, “We love finding authentic ways to connect with this passionate fanbase and are excited to extend the Rick and Morty experience into our menu, incredible content, and great delivery deals all season long.” Fans also have the opportunity to visit Panorama City’s Wendy’s for a pop-up. Fans can get an “LED drive-thru experience, receive a Rick and Morty themed menu and be one of the lucky few to enjoy the limited-edition Pickle Rick Pickle Frosty, a pickle twist on the iconic Vanilla Frosty”!

New creations and partnerships continue to keep food lovers coming back to these restaurant chains. It also brings in people who don’t normally eat the food but want to try out the new limited editions. No matter what kind of customer, everyone can get excited over what the next new promotion will be! 

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