Wattpad is beyond just fanfiction

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July 12, 2021
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Wattpad is beyond just fanfiction

At one point in most teenager’s lives, they probably come across Wattpad and many become captivated by books on the webpage. More often than not, what these teenagers are reading is fanfiction, which is what the site is heavily known for. The webpage allows anyone to create an account and share their stories with the world. Fans of a variety of aspects have a space to explore their creativity. Unfortunately for being a place surrounded by content written by fans, sometimes Wattpad gets a negative connotation when it really shouldn’t. The site has provided a great place for bookworms and writers to come together.

Before 2019, most of the writings on the app were free of charge to readers. It allowed people who couldn’t afford public books to explore some of their interests at no cost. Readers have the opportunity to get lost in different worlds and creations. Wattpad may be known for the romance genre, as it is dominated by those, but there are multiple other categories such as fantasy, crime, LGBTQ, horror and more!

Now, the site has added a paid story feature, in addition to its free stories. This allows some of the creators on the app to get paid for the writing they produce. Although not every writer can have a paid story. There is a certain level of requirements one must need to accomplish in order to apply for a paid story, so it provides a goal for users on the app. In helping creators join the Paid section, Wattpad staff “onboard them to” a “community, where they will gain access to additional resources and the support of a coach.” Even though the qualifications to have a paid story may seem tedious it does help an author with success.

Another way they help aspiring novelists is with their competition for users. They all have different themes and awards but mostly they help viewers find underrated but well-written stories and give them a chance in the spotlight. Additionally, they have their annual Watty Awards to get more novels noticed by the readers. Lastly, there are forums where readers and writers can communicate and help each other.

Fortunately, more and more books are being published to actual paperbacks. Amazingly, more of them are becoming movies or TV shows as well! Prime examples include the popular sensations, After and The Kissing Booth. More lesser-known books such as Perfect Addiction and She’s With Me are Wattpad success stories that are being published and are having their own book to screen adaptations.

Wattpad is an amazing and growing service. Any author could hone their craft there and learn the ins and out of writing before they try to publish themselves.

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