Vegan Foodies on TikTok

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Vegan Foodies on TikTok

In 2020 it was reported that 39 percent of the citizens in America ate vegan meals in their diets. There are many reasons why people choose this lifestyle but for health and environmental reasons. For example, if everyone was vegan, there would be a decrease in cases of cancer connected to eating and a 70 percent decrease in CO2 emissions connected to agriculture. It’s no surprise that veganism has become more popular and that people are taking more initiative on social media about this healthier way of eating.

One of those people is Tabitha Brown who gained a lot of attraction on Tik Tok for her vegan meals. Before the world knew Tabitha through her food videos, Brown was a struggling actress. She had a few roles ever since she began acting but nothing that lasted long. At one point, she had to become an uber driver to support herself. When she started having chronic pain and fatigue, her daughter suggested she try veganism and it changed her life. 

In 2020, when Tabitha joined Tik Tok to share her vegan meals with everyone she gained 2 million followers in a little over a month. Brown has calming energy around her because of her southern hospitality and has even been noted as “America’s Mom.” In one of her famous videos where she shows how to make mac and cheese with butternut squash, potatoes, vegan cheese, and yogurt, viewers can see her state her two famous sayings: “cause that’s your business,” and “like so, like that.” Brown has a range of vegan options throughout her Tik Tok page as she continues to send her message of how great a vegan diet can be. She commented to Eatingwell, “food can be medicine, or it can be the thing that puts us in the ground…You have to start with your ‘why.’ My reason was that I was sick. My why was life or death. I chose life.”

Another vegan TikToker is Halle Burns as she has gained over one million followers for her food content. Similar to Brown it seems as if people love the calming energy Halle gives off as users constantly comment on things like, “calmest American person I’ve ever seen.” Halle has been known to have a sweet voice, which commenters remark as a voice of an angel. Burns is a college student who is balancing her classes as she takes in all this stardom. As she is in college she seems to make a majority of her food in her college dorm which allows her to get creative with her food ideas. She has made a range of videos from spicy squares, chocolate spread, oatmeal wings and more. According to Sheesh Halle began a veganism diet because “…I’ve always appreciated the ethics of it. Once I started eating plant-based, I started feeling much better. I’m not sure if it’s a mind-body thing, but there is something about it that is a comfortability thing to me.” As Halle’s social media following grows, she has started a YouTube channel to share more of her food-related videos and other content she hopes to create.

Veganism does not seem like it is going anywhere as social media users start to see how tasty the diet can be as it is not all salads. It will be interesting to see how much that 39 percent has grown by the end of 2021.


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