Tree Frog featured on eCommerce Entrepreneur!

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June 9, 2021
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Tree Frog featured on eCommerce Entrepreneur!

The E-Commerce Entrepreneur, home to many reviews of online growth services, recently published a review of Tree Frog Social

On their website, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur offers thorough reviews of social media services, gaming stores, e-commerce platforms, and other digital services related to growing an online presence. Here we have summarized the main takeaways from their latest review of Tree Frog Social.

For context, Tree Frog is an organic media growth service managed by social media marketing gurus who have delivered millions of engagements for hundreds of clients. Tree Frog’s mission is to help any individual, brand, or business grow their social media presence and deliver real, organic results.

The E-Commerce Entrepreneur provided a thorough breakdown of why Tree Frog is an effective and trustworthy choice for a social media growth service. Among their main points were that Tree Frog enables users to focus on their content rather than their following, it has a clever approach that reaps real results, and it’s simple and affordable.

You can focus on what matters

Tree Frog’s team of social media experts will help you grow your page through likes, comments, and follows so that you can focus your time and efforts on creating more content and building your brand.

Clever approach for real results

Tree Frog uses custom-tailored audience targeting to attract new followers to your page. This approach involves working with customers to determine relevant hashtags and target accounts. It doesn’t involve artificial bots which sit idle in your pool of followers until they eventually disappear. With Tree Frog, you get real growth. That means real people following you and engaging with your posts.

Simple and Affordable

Growing your social media platform isn’t simple, but signing up for Tree Frog is. Depending on your needs, one of three subscriptions will help you achieve your Instagram goals — the first starting at just a dollar a day.

To conclude their review, eCommerce Entrepreneur confirmed that they do recommend using Tree Frog Social to help you grow your page. eCommerce Entrepreneur commended Tree Frog for its secure site, comprehensive FAQ page, affordable pricing, good reviews, and secure payment. The one con that eCommerce Entrepreneur identified with Tree Frog’s service is that Tree Frog does not offer a free trial. However, Tree Frog does offer a 30 day trial period for just $1.00. With a $1.00 per 30 day trial and prices starting as low as $1.00 a day after that, there’s really no barrier to getting started!

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