TikTok’s most niche community: #CleanTok

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April 26, 2021
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TikTok’s most niche community: #CleanTok

Beauty tips, comedic skits, and viral dances are what one would typically see on the Explore page of TikTok. However, the cleaning community on TikTok has recently gained popularity after providing advice on hacks and the best cleaning products. With 11.9 billion views, #CleanTok is applicable to anyone on the app.

One viral product on TikTok is called The Pink Stuff, a cleaning product that’s done miracles on appliances, shoes, and even shower tiles. TikTok user michael.ashley tried The Pink Stuff on their kitchen stove, and it completely cleaned any grease or stains. Additionally, in Emma Stessman’s article covering the product, Stessman states that it has “gritty quality that makes it so effective at tackling tough stains” and is complemented with “a light floral scent.”

To use The Pink Stuff, simply place a clean sponge and scoop a generous amount. Then, scrub the stain with the sponge and clean it off with water. To clean her shower, TikTok user cleanwith_hannah primarily used The Pink Stuff, scrubbing down the stains and dirt on her tiles. In part two of the deep clean, there’s a dramatic difference between the before and after of the shower. It’s no surprise that “The Pink Stuff is currently the No. 1 bestselling all-purpose cleaner on Amazon,” as stated by Stessman.

The rise of #CleanTok seems to have a similar concept to the ASMR community: sharing the weirdly satisfying. ASMR, known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, can result in a tingling sensation and feelings of relaxation. The popularity of the community started on YouTube, examples being soap cutting, playing with slime, and even whispering. The satisfying results of cleaning TikToks can surprisingly help viewers feel relaxed or content, especially when it involves an extreme deep clean. 

TikTok user brantfordautospa used #oddlysatisfying for their cleaning TikTok of a mat. Clearly, viewers love the content, user Ashle Sanders stating that she “love[s] clean tok! So satisfying” in the comments of the video. Some comments are even naming the products used in the TikTok so that others can do the same to their car mats.

Sometimes, TikToks in the community make their way to the mainstream. In TikTok user Bonnie McNamara’s video, she pours hot water onto a wooden spoon, revealing pieces of old food and the color of the water changing to brown. Among the 13.1K comments, many shared their plans to change from wooden spoons to silicone spatulas, while others were too scared to even try it on theirs.

Deep cleaning videos can be gross, just like pimple-popping videos which have risen to popularity as well. Yet, after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are trying to keep their space clean, and the boredom of being quarantined can lead to interesting trends over the web. While #CleanTok may seem weird at first, it’s beneficial that it’s getting more popular, so that we can continue to stay safe during the pandemic.

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