TikTok’s latest skincare discovery: gua sha

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April 1, 2021
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TikTok’s latest skincare discovery: gua sha

With the many different domains of interest on TikTok, beauty gurus are raving over face rolling with gua sha, a traditional Chinese technique in medicine with a stone tool. While jade and rose quartz face rollers and gua sha have been around for some time, skincare fanatics are sharing how they use these products on their accounts.

Facial gua sha is a holdable, flat tool that users place on the neck and work up to the forehead. “Gua” refers to the tool being used, and “sha” refers to petechiae, small dots that appear on the skin after using the tool to scrape the skin. Gua sha helps to improve circulation in the skin, and also lifts and sculpts the face. The tool works on wrinkles and lines over time, but TikTokers have seen improvements with their facial structure. 

One company gaining exposure on TikTok is Mount Lai, a skincare brand that sells gua sha, face rollers, and other skincare products. Their TikTok account currently has 109.9K followers and posts videos about their products and how to use them. Stephanie is the founder of Mount Lai and was inspired by her grandmother who used traditional Chinese tools every day. The small business is three years old and is now being sold at Sephora.

Laurel Liu, a licensed acupuncturist on TikTok, provides her viewers with tutorials on how to use gua sha products. Liu also sells her own stone gua sha set on her website and uses her own professional knowledge to provide her followers with advice on preventing other health issues, such as hair loss, acne, and dark circles. 

By referring to videos by Liu and other skincare TikTokers, those who are interested in trying gua sha have many resources to guide them through the process. Kim Peirano, a licensed acupuncturist, advises first-time users to hold the gua sha tool at an angle and to sweep up the face gently. Peirano also advises home users to focus on facial exercises and to avoid other body parts, as it can cause more harm without an expert doing it themselves. Gua sha is to be done daily and should become part of one’s skincare routine for changes to happen. 

Those who tried gua sha for the first time report that it really works, and is a vital part of their daily skincare routine. YouTuber Chelsea Justine shared her results after seven days and discussed the changes in her face. After her pregnancy, she found that her skin needed improvement, especially her acne. After her first day of using gua sha with rose oil and jojoba oil, her lip color changed due to her circulation flowing. By the end of her week using gua sha, her lips became bigger, her face was toned and slightly slimmer and her redness was less severe.

Depending on what the user is trying to fix, there are different techniques. Puffiness around the eyes, wrinkles, and contouring the nose all require different and unique steps. Like Justine, gua sha is typically used with oils such as almond oil, vitamin E oil, and jojoba oil. Just like the techniques for different parts of the face, these oils all have specific benefits. As mentioned before, gua sha are typically made of stone, and commonly come as rose quartz, jade, or amethyst. In Eastern medicine, these stones have different healing properties and meanings behind their usage. 

Because gua sha isn’t part of Western medicine, it doesn’t have a lot of research to show results. It’s hard to say whether gua sha works, and because we all have different bodies, it may not work for everyone. However, with the results shared on social media, gua sha may be the solution to maintaining healthy skin.

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