TikTok’s Obsession With Coffee

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February 23, 2021
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TikTok’s Obsession With Coffee

Tik Tok has an obsession with coffee. From whipped coffee to TikToker’s simply making coffee in front of the camera, coffee-related videos have been produced all around Tik Tok. Here are some of the most popular coffee trends.

At the beginning of quarantine in 2020, one of the hacks that went viral was the whipped coffee trend. Whipped coffee was seen all over social media, especially on Tik Tok as the videos have accumulated around 2.2 billion views. It became a new and tasty way to change up the same routine coffee people would have on a daily basis. Luckily, whipped coffee is not as complicated as it sounds. It’s simple and easy to make. All that is needed to make the whipped portion of the coffee drink is a small amount of hot water, instant coffee, and sugar in a bowl; next, a hand whisk or a whisker is then needed to mix those ingredients until it is thickened. Once it has thickened, the mixture can be poured into any kind of milk, which is the conclusion of the tasty creation.

Popular Tik Toker Charli D’amelio has been known for how much she loves coffee. In many of her videos, viewers will encounter scenes of her dancing and drinking coffee. Most of the time, she drinks from a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup. Her popularity allowed her to receive a partnership with Dunkin Donuts and was able to make her own drink, “The Charli”; it is mixed with cold brew, whole milk, and 3 pumps of caramel swirl. The drink sparked a great deal of attention as people posted Tik Toks of trying the coffee drink themselves. Trying “The Charli” drink has created 120.2 million views on Tik Tok. Grace Curatolo and Komal Nambiar tried the drink and really enjoyed it. Fortunately for Charli, most of the reactions to her drink have been positive.

Tik Toker Anna Sixtar is known for her “starbies” videos, where she tries new coffee creations or random suggestions when she gets her caffeinated beverage drink during the day. Instead of saying Starbucks, a more fun way to mention the company has been to call it “starbies”. Anna video’s of trying different drinks gained an abundance of popularity so she has created her own hashtag for these videos: #annaxstarbies. Anna’s videos with the hashtags have around 485.3 million views. Anna’s requests for drinks are usually over the top and funny. Anna, in this case, asked for the worker to make two drinks in one cup; her signature during the videos is to repeat “another day, another starbies” and to scream happily after tasting the drink.

Besides trying new coffee creations, Tik Tok users like to watch people make coffee. Making coffee is a simple task that most people do but it has become a trend on Tik Tok to make coffee in front of the camera. This trend is known as “coffeetiktok” and has produced around 141.2 million views around Tik Tok. It seems to be relaxing and even therapeutic for others to watch the drink being made in front of their eyes. Creators usually talk about how they make it and/or how their days are going. The viewers and the creators can not have a conversation but the simplicity of the video makes it seem like two friends enjoying a cup of coffee together. And the most popular step is the frother that has gained popularity. Creators use the frother to make a creamy mixture to pour on top of the drink. As Tik Tok videos have a maximum of one minute, making coffee in front of the camera has become a bit of a race.

Coffee has always been a popular drink in America so it was just a matter of time before social media was filled with it. It will be exciting to see what other coffee-related trends will appear this year.

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