The Rise and Fall of Snapchat: Instagram’s Ascent to the Top

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November 14, 2018
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The Rise and Fall of Snapchat: Instagram’s Ascent to the Top

For years, the big social media conglomerate that is Snapchat had taken the world by storm with their ingenious idea of stories, photos published to a user’s profile for only 24 hours. These photos were a great way of updating friends and family on current things happening in the user’s own life while also serving as a new way of FaceTiming with others to have face-to-face interactions with anybody at any time.

Snapchat had invented a new mode of conversation, a new way of talking to others. They gave people a way to send pictures back and forth privately and gave those same users the ability to draw on pictures, write messages on their pictures, and even to communicate via texting through the app as well. Snapchat invented a multifaceted communication system that lends itself to people of all ages and demographics. 

That was until Instagram decided they needed to change their mindset on permanent publishing and move forward to the temporary uploading that Snapchat turned into a household concept. 

Since Instagram began allowing consumers to publish stories to their profiles on top of publishing their own content, numbers for Snapchat began to dwindle. The marketing behind both the temporary and the permanent gave Instagram the upper edge on consumer utilization and is now being utilized for far more than personal content; it is being used for business outreach, marketing, news updates, social media influencing, celebrity gossip, and, what we at Tree Frog assist with, profile promotion. Instagram’s self-promotion and continual updates began to gain them their own devoted set of followers and gained a set popularity that Snapchat once was able to emulate. 

It is needless to say that Snapchat and Instagram are in constant competition with one another, however, with Instagram being widely used and manipulated for promotional reasons and exposure, Snapchat’s one-dimensional way of communication limits itself to the latter half of its name and therefore hinders itself the ability to be utilized for more professional means.

Looking through a promotional lens, both celebrities and everyday users are able to utilize Instagram in a way that helps them gain more followers and allows their profiles to be more interactive than ever. Especially with Tree Frog’s help, a person’s Instagram page can be widely accessible to those who are searching for quality posts, a business opportunity, or even profiles users find completely relatable and original. With Instagram’s new “Swipe Up” feature, many social media influencers, bloggers, and celebrities are able to promote their own work and give the people (fans) what they want. Other features like the various filters (the Boomerang one is my favorite!), the location tags, the question feature, and many more allow people to not only learn more about the person they are following, but they also allow people to interact with each other on a more personal level. Since a person’s Instagram is highly personal to begin with, adding in that added layer of communication makes Instagram’s professional and promotional credibility much more renowned.

Even looking at things through a more personal standpoint, it is noted that Instagram is more popular and more widely-used than Snapchat. According to an article on Business Insider, over 250 million people are using Instagram compared to the 166 million users who use Snapchat. Many of the new updates that are listed above are the main reasons why everyday consumers of both apps prefer Instagram, but it is also because of the ability to post pictures on one’s main profile and in their story that has Instagram beating out Snapchat for the top spot.

The rise of Snapchat started with the concept of picture trading and conversations, but fell when Instagram was able to rival their creation. Not only that, but the fall also happened when Instagram became a more globally-utilized mechanism for all things marketing, business, and personal promotion. With the growing numbers being on Instagram’s side, it is no wonder why more social media influencers, businesses, and even news outlets gravitate towards the app, but why these three demographics have also garnered fame, recognition, and a large following. With Snapchat sticking to the status quo, it is losing out on all of these promotional ventures that Instagram is benefitting from. If they decide to change their platform and try to rival Instagram’s popularity, will they ever be able to rise back up to the top? I guess we will have to wait and find out.

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