The popularity of tarot card readings on TikTok

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The popularity of tarot card readings on TikTok

It’s quite common to scroll through TikTok’s “For You” page and stumble upon a tarot reading that’s “meant for you,” filled with comments saying “I claim” or “he’s coming back.” By putting their trust in tarot card readers, TikTok users claim the messages they hear and apply them to their own lives. There are currently 1.1B views under #tarotreading, making the hashtag one extremely popular.

Tarot cards are originally from Italy and were a legitimate card game solely for entertainment purposes. Using the deck, players would play in rounds and have a point system to value the cards. However, later in the 15th century, they began to be used for fortune-telling, similar to how they’re used now. 

While these readings can give positive messages, tarot readers post them without hashtags to further validate the timing of the message, stating that the message found the viewer. Typically, readers ask aloud “what does this person need to hear right now?” or “what does the universe need to tell you?” Yet, once they share their reading, they usually state that the only way to claim the reading is to follow, like, and share the video and that users should only “take what resonates with you,” which seems to be a ploy to get more interaction. 

The TikTok algorithm is personalized, meaning that your feed is subtly curated based on your behavior even if you don’t interact with the TikToks, and despite tarot readers claiming that the video found the viewer, nothing is truly random. If a user views videos on tarot readings, they’ll continue to receive more. Even though readers may claim that the video found its viewers because they didn’t use hashtags, ultimately, it’s solely based on the algorithm.

Even if these readings aren’t accurate, they’re addicting and enjoyable to watch. Whether they’re general or focused on a specific part of one’s life, they help those watching feel fulfilled. As Taryn Herlich put it in her article, “Call it a hoax, but I see it as my daily uplifting reassurance.”

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One concept commonly used and shared by readers is manifesting through the Law of Attraction. In simple terms, it states that by practicing certain techniques and making your subconscious mind believe in a certain outcome, then it’ll come true. By saying what you want into the universe, the universe will give it to you. 

Tarot card readings are associated with witchcraft, a spiritual practice where healing is based primarily on nature and with ties to religions of the global East. The rise of tarot card readings helps to bring popularity to modern-day witchcraft referred to as Wicca. Like other religions, believing depends on one’s faith and it’s difficult to prove whether it’s real or fake. As more and more Gen Z begin to join “witchtok,” the TikTok community that revolves around witchcraft, it’s evident that this belief system may grow to become more legitimate.

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