The Most Popular Fashion Trends of 2021 so far

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The Most Popular Fashion Trends of 2021 so far

Fashion is ever-changing. Through photographs, different styles and clothes are one of the most reliable ways to characterize a period. Through trends, people can define their age or generation. Additionally, fads from the past can inspire how people dress today and fashion styles will always move with history and become a crucial part of pop culture. Here are some of the popular fashion trends going on right now – many of which draw strong influence from styles of the past. 

The Trending Online Store: Shein

Shein is currently one of the most popular sites for online shopping. The company started in 2008 by Chris Xu and now as of May 2021, it is “the most downloaded shopping app in the U.S.” Shein stays up to date with the current fashion trends as it releases around 500 new pieces every day. Shein is fully funded by being an online store as it “doesn’t operate any permanent physical stores, instead hosting a series of pop-ups in various cities.” The clothes have become a hit for teens because they are stylish and attractive but also have reasonable prices. Through one look at the website, most of the clothes are under $20 dollars. In all, the main audience is women, but it does provide men and children attire as well.

Low Waist Jeans

It’s official that low waist jeans have made a comeback in 2021. Low waist jeans sparked their popularity in the 90s and early 2000s. They were a staple in the Y2K fashion era but because of social media, it is making a comeback. As stated by Metro, “Generation-Z youngsters are experts at thrifting noughties vintage, and it was only a matter of time before they found our low-rise enemies”.  Niki Demar, a YouTuber, is a prime example of this expanded trend online. She has many of the Y2K fashion trends all over her page, especially outfits with low-rise jeans.

Chunky Rings

Chunky, big and colorful rings almost seem like something a ten-year-old might be obsessed with. However, this generation has been captivated by this accessory. Chunky rings were a part of the Y2K era but like low-rise jeans it is getting desired again. Most of the rings seem to be made out of, “resin, acrylic, enamel, and even glass”. Through social media pictures, the rings are styles with multiple other ones and colorful nails. The style has become such a hit that people are starting to make their own. Through YouTube, people are using clay to make their own versions.

Forgetting Masculinity and Femininity

As the world continues to evolve and become a more accepting place for others, it’s been inspiring to see how clothes are becoming less gendered. Through the internet, people are starting to embrace themselves beyond what they are “supposed” to wear. The headline of Harry Styles on the Vogue cover with a dress has become a very influential and monumental picture for this generation. Fashion is becoming more about what makes one another happy – not just fitting into the current norm.

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