The internet’s obsession with Honey has returned

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July 21, 2021
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The internet’s obsession with Honey has returned

People all around the world love honey. Honey is the perfect natural sweetener as it tastes delicious and is healthy to use. The sticky mixture is added to many foods like tea, yogurt, smoothies, and oatmeal to sweeten up a regular snack. It is not only edible but can be used to enhance the body by creating a face or hair mask. This makes it a very versatile product that so many people are in love with. So, it is not a shock the tasty, gooey, and golden-brown liquid has taken over some food trends recently and in the past.

In the late 2010’s ASMR and mukbang videos took off on YouTube. Mukbangs are casual videos where YouTubers talk about their days or tell interesting stories while eating meals. ASMR videos heighten the hearing senses to create “a sensory phenomenon”. During the height of these types of videos, one of the most popular treats to eat by content creators was honeycombs. For Mukbangs it became something that so many wanted to try and taste for themselves. For ASMR, the sound of the sticky and chewy substance was a calming experience for viewers. SAS- ASMR has a video of 48 million people watching her eat the crunchy but gooey substance. As the title says it has “extremely satisfying sounds” that people love to hear. They are different from regular honey as the comb is more crystalized which means it’s sweeter than the usual liquid substance. It’s almost too sweet which is why most YouTubers have some water or bread to wash the comb down with.

This trend has died down; however, a new honey creation has been taking over Tik Tok. Foodies are eating frozen honey that is squeezed out of a bottle and comes out like a jelly substance. The cold snack is simple to create – a bottle of pure honey and a squeeze bottle is all that is required. Once the syrup is poured into a squeeze bottle, it can be stored in a fridge for at least 4 hours to create the right texture. Although, putting it overnight seems to create the best results to have the jelly-like texture once it’s pushed out of the bottle. So as soon as the liquid has been frozen enough, it can be pushed straight out of the bottle and eaten like that.

One of the most popular food Tik Tokers is Lala, who created the pickled garlic snack, and decided to try the latest dessert. As she reviewed the treat, she mentioned how it tasted like honey, of course, and was extremely sweet. She could only eat a few bites of it that morning because of the sugar overload, but she agreed it tasted good. The #frozenhoney hashtag has almost 300 million views on Tik Tok of different people creating their own versions.

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