The Expanding of the After Movie Franchise

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The Expanding of the After Movie Franchise

Teen Vogue surprised fans when it announced that two more movies will be added to the After franchise, behind its original four. There’s a chance that there will be six movies all dedicated to one couple, Tessa Young and Hardin Scott. So, how did the author of this series, Anna Todd, get so lucky?

Most One Direction fans have heard of the Harry Styles Fanfiction turned into a book and movie. At the height of the band’s fame, all over Wattpad people were writing fan fiction using the names of the members. In 2013, Anna created her epic series on Wattpad where she wrote the majority of the plot on her phone. In 2014, Wattpad helped her get a deal with Simon and Schuster to have her work published. At the same time, Paramount got the rights to produce the Wattpad book as a film.

The movie and books follow Tessa Young, a freshman in college embarking on a new adventure as she leaves behind her overbearing mom and high school boyfriend. One person she was not expecting to meet on her new journey was Hardin Scott – the bad boy, british character. At first, the pair do not get along because of their conflicting personalities but somehow as much as they try to stay away from each other they can’t. So, the entirety of the series follows their ups and downs as they try to navigate their love for each other.

The first movie was released in 2019, and the subsequent movie, After We Collided, released in 2020. The third movie, After We Fell, will be released in late 2021. The movies are coming out at a steady pace, however, behind the scenes, the transitions between all three movies have been ever-changing.

At first, the film had to recast Tessa, as Julia Goldani Telles had to leave the film. Soon enough, Josephine Langford was able to acquire the role. However, in the second movie, there were more changes to the cast. Hardin’s Stepmom and dad changed, while a new director, Roger Kumble, was brought on as well. For the third movie, Roger Kumble is being replaced by Castile Landon who will direct the last two movies. While the character Landon, Tessa’s best friend, will no longer be played by Shane McGhie but by Chance Perdomo.

In terms of the movies, fans of the books haven’t always loved how the books have been adapted. In the first movie, the characters were very different from who they were in the books which disappointed fans. Although Anna Todd, the producers, and directors have tried to portray book Hardin and Tessa better in the next movies. Though the main love for the movies may not come from the actual plot itself, the fans and supporters tend to be more interested in the chemistry of Josephine and Hero Fiennes Tiffin. This is why some fans may not be too thrilled about the two added movies. One of the added movies will be a prequel which will follow the book, Before, which is about Hardin’s story before Tessa where Hero will not be playing a younger Hardin. The other movie follows Tessa and Hardin’s journey following the last book in the series, After Ever Happy. This will be more of a next-generation movie about their kids, where Tessa and Hardin will be much older meaning Hero and Josephine will not be in these movies either.

This might be some sad news for the fans, but it will be exciting to see who will be playing the beloved characters in the next movies. Until then, supporters can enjoy more of the original cast as After We Fell sets to premiere in October!

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