The 12 Days of Instagram Part 2: The Other 6 Most Popular Christmas Instagram Posts of the Season

The 12 Days of Instagram Part 1: The 6 Most Popular Christmas Instagram Posts of the Season
December 17, 2018
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January 3, 2019
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The 12 Days of Instagram Part 2: The Other 6 Most Popular Christmas Instagram Posts of the Season

Welcome back everyone! As you probably already know, this is Part 2 of the 12 Days of Instagram series where I talk about the most common and popular Christmas Instagram posts of the season.

Nothing, to me, beats the rush of Christmas shopping, the endless amounts of Christmas cards you receive in the mail, or the special festivities you and your family share on Christmas morning. Everything from here on out that leads to the most wonderful and magical day of the year only gets more jolly, more merry, and more Instagram worthy! Between stockings being hung with care and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, the only other thing that can make this season bright are the endless amounts of Christmas Instagram posts we see on our feed, as well as the ones we post ourselves.

The following list contains six most popular Christmas Instagram posts of the season. Chances are, if you are not kissing anyone under the mistletoe, you will be the one posting these kinds of photos this Christmas season!

Post #7: Family Christmas Card

Whether you are wearing matching sweaters, matching Santa hats, or are all dressed to the nines, the family Christmas card is a staple holiday greeting. Not only do we receive a copious amount of Christmas cards with our baby cousins clapping and smiling at the camera or our aunt’s fur-babies panting heavily while wearing elf ears, but we are also notorious for posing in one ourselves with our own family. Family Christmas cards are usually sent through snail mail, but now thanks to social media apps like Instagram, you can post that picture on your profile for your followers to see in no time at all! This kind of post always makes me smile, as seeing a family together on Christmas—even in card form—is what Christmas is all about. Posting this kind of picture to your Instagram will not only show your followers how much of a family person you are, but it will also serve as a great memory for when you start a family of your own.

Post #8: Hanging Stockings with Care

Especially when all the stockings are hung with care, that is when we care to share this beautiful sight on Instagram. While this post may be the rarest out of all the 12 mentioned in this series, I do see this one trickle into my Instagram feed every now and again. This kind of post always puts me in the holiday spirit, as seeing a fireplace with stockings hung on the mantle always brings out the little kid in me and makes me think that Santa will come and stuff them with goodies from his sleigh. That is what will happen to your followers when they see this post on your page. This will make them feel nostalgic and remember the times when they would see their stockings hung by the fireplace empty, only for them to be filled to the brim on Christmas morning. This image illustrates the true meaning of Christmas and is what will will have your followers reminisce on the Christmases where their stockings had the best presents ever.

Post #9: Christmas Puns

If you know me, you know I love a good pun. What do I love more than a good pun? An awesome Christmas pun! The perfect way to capture the Christmas spirit on Instagram is to not only post a Christmas-y picture, but to post it with the most punny caption as well! You want to post a picture of you hanging the wreath? Post it with the caption “Like Ariana Grande says: Just keep Wreathin’” You want to post a picture of you posing on a Christmas sleigh? You can post it with the caption “Slay ride.” The punnier you get, the better the post (in my opinion). These posts always put a smile on people’s faces and will make your followers appreciate you for bringing some humor into the Christmas season.

Post #10: Christmas time Snow Fall

One of my all-time favorite types of pictures on Instagram is when people snap a photo of the first snowfall! Whether they are under a lamppost trying to catch snowflakes on their tongue or they are laying in the snow making a snow angel, pictures that capture the initial snowfall of the season brings so much joy to Instagram. These are the kinds of posts that we long for because we all want a White Christmas. It’s what makes the season so magical and amazing. Let your followers experience the joy you feel when you capture the first snowfall of the season and make them wish they were there with you. It wouldn’t be a true Winter Wonderland without someone to share it with!

Post #11: Picture with Santa

Okay, I know what you are going to say: “I’m too old to take a picture with Santa. Why is this on the list?” Well, let me tell you that you are NEVER too old to take a picture with Santa! Christmas is the one time of year where we are allowed to unleash our inner child from its cage and allow it to enjoy Christmas in its entirety; picture with Santa and all! So go to your nearest mall (a trip to the North Pole is preferable), sit on Santa’s lap, and take a picture with the jolly old man in the red suit! Even tell him what you want for Christmas while you are at it. Taking a picture with Santa will show your followers how much fun you are, but also how much you truly love Christmas. Your love for Santa and your love for Christmas will shine through in this post and will give your followers a reason to go take a picture with Santa too!

Post #12: Christmas Morning Photo

This is the photo that everyone truly waits for! It is the picture of all pictures on Instagram that not only is the most popular, but that captures the entire Christmas season into one picture. Your followers want to see your Christmas tree all lit up and decorated, they want to see the presents under the tree that are waiting to be opened, and they want to see your family—in their Christmas pajamas—all huddled together enjoying Christmas morning together. Everyone wants to feel as if they are celebrating Christmas with someone, especially if they are alone on Christmas. Taking this kind of picture and posting it to your Instagram page will allow someone to feel as if they are celebrating with you. More importantly, you will make them feel like they are a part of your family. This picture is my personal favorite because Christmas, to me, is symbolic of the love, kindness, and togetherness we give to the world. Christmas is about giving to those we love and giving to those less fortunate. If all you can give is this kind of picture to those you love and to those who are less fortunate, then you are embodying what Christmas represents and what the true meaning of Christmas is.

Through all of these different kinds of posts, I hope you all will be able to feel the Christmas spirit in your hearts and will be able to see it up close and personal on your Instagram feed! I also hope you are able to post these kinds of pictures yourselves and that you take it into your own hands to celebrate Christmas through the wonderful world of Instagram.

As I said in Part 1 of this series, these kinds of posts are what myself and the rest of Tree Frog love to promote during this time of year! While we work our hardest to gain you all an organically decent following on social media all year round, it is these kinds of posts that we love promoting for you all because it puts us in the holiday spirit!

I encourage you all to go out and enjoy the remainder of the Christmas season! T-minus 14 Days until the big day, but that still leaves you all 14 days to post wonderfully magical and holly jolly Christmas Instagram pictures. We at Tree Frog look forward to seeing all of your Christmas posts and look forward to celebrating the Christmas season with you through your Instagram pages.

From all of us here at Tree Frog, we wish you all a very, Merry Christmas and a happy and safe winter season!

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