The 12 Days of Instagram Part 1: The 6 Most Popular Christmas Instagram Posts of the Season

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November 27, 2018
The 12 Days of Instagram Part 2: The Other 6 Most Popular Christmas Instagram Posts of the Season
December 21, 2018
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The 12 Days of Instagram Part 1: The 6 Most Popular Christmas Instagram Posts of the Season

The 12 Days of Instagram Part 1: The 6 Most Popular Christmas Instagram Posts of the Season It is the most wonderful time of the year! With Christmas comes all the beautiful decorations, lights, and trees that adorn your neighborhood’s houses and all of the festive songs you play on repeat from the radio or Spotify. What also comes this time of year are the plethora of Instagram photos that capture the Christmas season in all its glory and the pictures that people take to
promote their love for the holiday season!

With these posts come a common trend. That trend being pictures of things that symbolize and represent the embodiment of the Christmas season. Not only that, but things that represent how we view and feel about this special holiday too. Due to Instagram being about us, the users, it makes sense as to why we post a lot of pictures celebrating this holiday. We all have traditions or special celebratory activities that we do to commemorate Christmas and that we want to share with all of our followers. Since Christmas is the season of giving, it is no wonder why we want to share these photos: to promote that sense of giving and togetherness with all of our followers.

As was mentioned, there are distinct themes that one can find trickling in on Instagram during the Christmas season and those themes are the many similar pictures that we feel represent our own Christmas and our Christmas spirit. If you read back at the “Holi-Gram” blog post, I did touch on how to capture the perfect Christmas photo, but this post is going to go more in depth with that concept while also talking about these themes and why they may be so prevalent on our Instagram feeds.

Just like the 12 days of Christmas, we are going to count down the first top six Christmas Instagram posts that you will see—and possibly take—during the Christmas season. And if you are one that is very active during the Christmas season on social media, then maybe we at Tree Frog can help you gain some more followers as a way of celebrating the holidays with you! Also, we will be giving you the nice gift of friendship from a vast audience on social media that you can then share ALL your posts with! So, here is our official countdown of the first top six Christmas Instagram posts of the season!

Post #1: The Illustrious Christmas Tree

It is no secret that the Christmas tree is a holiday staple. Real or fake, a Christmas tree is a Christmas tree and everyone posts a picture of theirs once it is all decorated! Your followers want to see what your tree looks like and what kind of lights and ornaments you use to adorn it. Also, it makes people happy to see how well you decorated it and how much time you took to make it look beautiful and festive. Posting a picture of your Christmas true on Instagram will not only put your followers in the Christmas spirit, but it will also enable them to create a dialogue on Christmas and what decorating the tree may mean to the both of you.

Post #2: Creating Christmas Cheer at Your Home

The Christmas House is simply YOUR HOUSE. It is your house covered in beautiful Christmas decorations and lights for all to see! This is one of the highly expected, but most appreciated posts on Instagram because it gives your followers a sense of your Christmas style while also showing them how amazing you are at decorating. Show them your big inflatable Santa, the giant wreath on your door, and the multicolored lights all along your rooftop! Show them Santa and his reindeer on your roof, Frosty waving at you in the snow, and the Nutcracker soldiers lined up on your front walkway. Posting a picture on Instagram of the finished product will send any Christmas enthusiast head over heels and will make them feel all the Christmas feels this holiday season. It may even inspire them to decorate their home with similar Christmas decor!

Post #3: Christmas Cookies

Nothing beats the smell of gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, and snickerdoodle cookies during the holiday season. You want to know what is even better? Posting a picture of your tasty treats on Instagram! Christmas cookies—or food in general—is something that brings people from all over the world together. Posting a picture of the ones you bake for Christmas will invite your followers into your home and can create a sentimental feeling for them too. Plus, the comments section can be filled with different recipes your followers send you or requests for that one specific cookie recipe of yours they want their hands on. Plus, this kind of post can make those Christmas bakers envious of your creations, making them want to eat and smell your cookies right through the screen!

Post #4: Lounging by the Yuletide Log

Chilling by the fire of a Yule log is so relaxing, warm, and comforting. Maybe even curled up with a mug of hot chocolate while under a blanket. This is the kind of Christmas relaxation that most people like to do during this time of year. Sharing this relaxation experience with followers on Instagram is a great way to be relatable. For one, it is cold during this time of year. Two, hot chocolate is the staple drink of the holidays. And three, cozying up by a fireplace during Christmas is what brings the warmth and ever present energy of Christmas alive. Posting this kind of picture will have your followers wishing they were you and wishing that they had a fireplace of their own to do this with. Who doesn’t want to be warm by a fireplace with a mug of hog chocolate during Christmas? I know I do!

Post #5: Famous and Obligatory Christmas Locations

Doing Christmas touristy things are one of my all-time favorite things to not only do, but to capture on Instagram! As if it is a rite of passage for Millennials, taking an Instagram picture with all the Christmas festivities in cities near you is one of the shining moments of the year. One of the greatest places to be during this time of year is Rockefeller Center in New York City! While it is a heavily populated place to be during this time of year, one thing that is a must-post for Instagram is taking a picture in the ice rink skating or by the Christmas tree. Especially if you don’t have one, going to this colossal sized tree during the holidays and not only witnessing its beauty, but capturing it in an Instagram photo is what will give you all those likes and follows during the holiday season. This tree is the true symbol of Christmas and is what commemorates the start of the Christmas season, especially for us East Coasters. These kinds of Instagram pictures are common, but are very much needed. I say needed because it, without fail, puts a smile on everyone’s faces due to the beauty and nostalgia it brings each year.

Post #6: The Wrapping of the Presents

One of the many joys of Christmas is the concept of giving. It happens to be my favorite part of Christmas because giving a gift to those you love is what makes Christmas the most beautiful and wonderful time of year. It is all about giving back to those you love and giving to those less fortunate. One popular kind of post (one that I also partake in myself) is posting a photo of all the gifts you wrapped. This kind of photo is not to brag about how much you bought or how pretty your wrapping is (which I am sure has a little to do with the post), but it is about showing your followers how appreciative you are of others and how those gifts symbolize the the respect and admiration you have for those individuals who make each day a better place to live. It is more of a gratitude Instagram post than anything else and is something that your followers can like and appreciate. Moreover, seeing those gifts on their feed will fill them with such joy and will possibly even inspire them to want to do the same for their loved ones too (if they are not already
getting gifts for them).

The central theme underlying all of these posts is the wanting and needing to spread Christmas cheer. This is the one time of year where, I feel, everybody is the lightest and happiest. Especially because of these kinds of posts, people’s days tend to get a bit better and brighter!

These are also the kinds of posts that myself and the rest of Tree Frog love to promote during this time of year! While we work our hardest to gain you all a nice following on social media, it is these various Christmas posts that truly make us believe that we are working in vein of the holiday spirit. Our job at Tree Frog is to give to those who put forward love, authenticity, and awesome content a second home of amazing and devoted followers due to all they have done to pay it forward on their social media accounts. Just like the holidays, we look at social media as something that can bring people together and can put the biggest of smiles on others’ faces. Especially when posting or seeing these kinds of Instagram posts above, I am sure it will be more than a Christmas miracle to gain you, our service utilizers, a more expansive and family-oriented following!

I hope you all felt somewhat nostalgic with this blog post; I know I did! I have at some point posted these kinds of social media posts during the Christmas season and always post them to bring some much needed Christmas cheer into the lives of many.

You can expect Part 2 of this blog post to be posted soon with more awesome, exciting, and warm top Christmas Instagram posts of the season. Until then, go get your merry on and begin enjoying the holiday season! I know I will!

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