Taking Breaks from Social Media: Is it a Smart Move for Businesses?

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January 10, 2021
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Taking Breaks from Social Media: Is it a Smart Move for Businesses?

Bottega Veneta, an Italian fashion brand for women and men from Milan, has taken an unexpected break from social media. On Tuesday, January 3rd their social media accounts seemed to no longer exist. The fashion brand held accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but they all vanished.

In this day and age, the world revolves around social media. In particular, social media is an important factor for the growth and exposure of a business. Social media allows for many different ways for businesses to flourish. When businesses become involved in trending topics, more people become introduced to their brand. Having not one, but multiple different platforms on social media allow for the company to engage with different users and age groups. Additionally, keeping up with the time period and marketing to the apps that are trending, makes the company more likely to receive success. Lastly, when a company masters how to market perfectly for a certain app they’re able to use that advantage because they now know exactly how to persuade the app’s users. 

Instagram is the best place for fashion brands to grow. Celebrities love to post their new outfits or support brands they love by tagging the brands in their post. Someone with millions of followers could bring so much exposure to a brand just by one post. For example, Rihanna, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Amal Clooney, and more have all been spotted wearing Bottega Veneta. Fans and followers tend to be influenced by what their favorite influencers do or wear so there is no doubt fans of those three women were inspired by their outfit choices. Social media users are persuaded with the want to fit in with society by seeing the popular attire in the world. Recently, Instagram has added a shopping tab where users can instantly buy the clothes and materials, they see someone else has. Before, users may have had to search up the brand and the outfit but now with just a few clicks users are easily able to get what they want. This is great because people already have short attention spans while on the internet, and this allows for less indecisiveness on buying.

It’s extremely surprising Bottega Veneta would just delete their pages so suddenly. The company left their 2.5 million followers in the dark and they didn’t leave any word as to why. After making almost 1.2 billion sales in 2019, it could possibly be detrimental to stop their social media accounts. However, this could be a marketing move for the company as the creative director, Daniel Lee, told Vogue that “he does not believe in digital fashion shows”. Having their products not shown anywhere online could make them much more sought after. Another theory is the reports of Bottega Veneta needing a new Global Social Media Manager, so the accounts could return soon after they find their new manager.

As blog sites are already looking for an explanation there is no doubt soon enough the world will know why the accounts are gone. Until then the world will just have to wonder, how the fashion brand will survive without social media?

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