Sounds like we’re making beer posters now

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July 6, 2021
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Sounds like we’re making beer posters now

Have you heard that we’re making beer posters for our boyfriends now? Yup, that’s one of the latest trends on TikTok. 

Even if you don’t have a significant other, many TikTok users decided to partake in the trend anyways, and you could too.

Most of the posts under this trend are of a girl using a snippet of the song “You Shook Me All Night Long” while she shows her face and the text: “I heard we’re making beer posters for our boyfriends.” However, this trend has shown more variety with song choice than most others. Next, the video briefly shows the user’s process of making a beer poster. Of course, the finale of each video is the finished beer poster. 

TikTok user @gigibabymuahhaha decided to try a variation of the trend. Instead of posing with a case of beer or beer bottle, @gigibabymuahhaha photoshopped her image onto a hoodie to make a “playboy hoodie.”

Surely this trend could be taken in many directions. An ad for razors immediately comes to mind. To add a comical flare, one might take the trend in the direction of other ads, such as a sexy ad for band-aids or even a prescription drug to poke fun at this type of unnecessarily sexualized advertising.

Regardless of the original intent, recreating these ads looks really fun. And let’s be honest, the results are incredibly flattering. Although the girls doing this trend undoubtedly post their results for their own sake because they feel confident and proud of their work, they aren’t the only ones enjoying the trend. 

In an interview with 16-year-old Johnny Calhoun, a TikTok user and enthusiast of the trend, Calhoun expressed his reason for following the trend. “What I like about the beer pictures [is] the bod,” Calhoun told Tree Frog in an interview.

Calhoun first saw the trend done by @annabellegesson in his TikTok feed. Annabelle’s content generally aims to teach boys coming of age how to earn the affections of girls they’re interested in. However, she thought this trend looked fun and decided to break away from her typical content to give it a try.

Listed here are some of my other beer poster favorites by the users tagged: @lilyy.nelson, @caitlin..marie, @hamandcheesers.

How to make your own beer poster

In many of the trending beer poster videos, the user briefly details their process. This is essentially how it goes: Take a hot bikini picture with any background. Use Photoshop to make a cutout of the bikini picture. Superimpose that cutout onto any background, typically a beach. Photoshop some beer cases or bottles into the image along with a beer company’s logo placed prominently with large text.

If you decide to make your own beer poster and want to share the finished product on TikTok, be sure to add the hashtag #beerposter so that your video can reach as many people as possible.

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