Songs for Fans of “Driver’s License”

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Songs for Fans of “Driver’s License”

By now most music lovers have heard, “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo. The song has dominated the music industry as listeners cannot get over the “minimalist production incorporating kick drums, harmonies, syncopated hand-claps, and” the “dreamy bridge” of the hit. Rodrigo’s song details the pain of loving someone that does not love you back. Nonetheless, no matter how great a song is, after some time on the charts, people might be tired of it. So, here are some songs for those that absolutely love “Driver’s License” and want to try something new.

Chelsea Cutler is currently one of the most underrated artists for pop and electronic music. She started her music career by posting songs and covers on SoundCloud, but her career rose after she started performing on one of Quinn XCII’s tours. In 2020, she released her first album, How To Be Human, which reached number 23 on the charts. Her album featured, “Crazier Things”, which Chelsea has once tweeted, “I think crazier things is my fav song I’ve ever written”. The lyrics describe someone missing their ex-lover and wondering if maybe they are meant to be regardless of their current status to each other. The person in the songs wonder if they could ever be together again because “crazier things have happened”. Cutler ends the song by stating even if they cannot be together, they hope their ex-lover’s, “heart is free”.

Elina Stridh is a singer/songwriter who has co-written songs for Maroon 5, Hilary Duff, NEIKED, and more. In 2018, she released her first single and since then has created two EPs, In Hindsight and Remember. In Hindsight, features one of her saddest songs to date, “Mirage” Some lyrics of the song include, “Don’t you think that…it’s so obvious that I want you… but just as I’m about to say the truth I lose you to somebody else again”. Similarly, to “Driver’s License”, the song illustrates a person who is in love with someone that does not reciprocate those feelings. Elina commented to Genius about the song, “love and happiness is definitely not always easy as we all know….this ‘Mirage’ song is about being at your most fragile state. I think it’s important to let these feelings into the spotlight sometimes.”

Clinton Kane began posting covers on YouTube and eventually was able to sign onto Columbia Records. He has released an EP, this is what it feels like, and many singles including, “I don’t want to watch the world end with someone else”. The song was inspired by the pandemic and the loneliness people have been feeling during it. Kane explained to Orange Magazine, “It’s about feeling like the world’s ending and wishing I had the person that I regret letting go of with me to go through all this shit together.” The chorus includes the lyrics, “If this is our last goodbye until we’re gone, who cares about the wrongs we caused ourselves, cause I don’t want to watch the world end with someone else”.

“Driver’s License” has shown that there are a lot of music listeners who like to listen to sad and painful songs. But as “Driver’s License” gets too repetitive, any of these three songs should leave people with the same comforting sadness Olivia Rodrigo has left music listeners with.

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