Social Media Influencers and Their Rise to Fame

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Social Media Influencers and Their Rise to Fame

They are all around us. Instagram celebrities, YouTubers, Instagram models, beauty vloggers, activists, etc. No matter where you look, there are people who have taken the world by storm through something as simple as social media. The real question is: How did they do it?

For many people, using apps like Instagram and YouTube is just an innate thing. They take a wonderful picture, come up with a witty caption, and post it on Instagram for all to see or they record a video with some sort of relatable content and upload it to YouTube for all to see. Some may say this is just a part of the Millennial anatomy, the ability of wanting others to see into our daily lives through the snapshot of a picture or through the screens of our laptops. For social media influencers, however, their daily usage of social media is more calculated and more thought-out than the average person would think. As if they know the secret Instagram and YouTube formula to creating the perfect post or video, they post a picture or video to their profile and garner a whole bunch of likes and views. How is that so? Well, let’s take a look at some social media influencers and see how they used their social media as their claim to fame!

Hudda Kattan

Hudda Kattan is most famously known for her beauty vlogs on YouTube and is also a makeup artist. Before becoming a social media influencer, Kattan founded her cosmetics line Hudda Beauty, which featured a series of her false eyelashes; her very first product. Her claim to fame came not only from promoting and marketing her product, but when it reached the eyes of Kim Kardashian. This celebrity exposure to her product made her fake eyelashes a household name for consumers everywhere, but also made her an influencer in the process. Following the success of her beauty line, her YouTube channel garnered over 2 million subscribers and her Instagram gained over 24 million followers. Since then, she constantly uploads videos on YouTube making make-up tutorials and consistently posts pictures to her Instagram, promoting her beauty line, as well as herself in the process.

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is widely recognized for his pictures and videos on Instagram. Being recognized for his zany content and dramatic flair on Instagram—an approach that made him stand out from other Instagram users—Dallas has since acted in various movies like “Expelled” and “The Outfield.” He has also starred in his own reality TV show “Chasing Cameron.” Due to his immense following on Instagram, Cameron Dallas was able to pursue other ventures in the acting world and marketed himself the way he portrayed himself on social media: fun, real, and relatable. Since the inception of his Instagram page, Dallas has gained over 20 million followers on Instagram, proving that being yourself and being real is what makes him a true influencer.

Josh Ostrovsky

Josh Ostrovsky, also known as The Fat Jew on Instagram, is a renowned Instagram user who utilized the platform for comedy and satire. His rise to fame came when people came across his Instagram page, finding funny memes splashed across his profile that user’s found both hilarious and relatable. Due to his wide popularity on Instagram, as well as his ingenious way of branding himself through social media, he has since founded the company Swish Beverages, the company that created White Girl Rosé. Not only as he become an Instagram comedian in his own right, but he became an influencer for providing millions of people with laughs and smiles every time they visit his page. Since his start, Joseph has garnered over 10 million faithful followers who love his memes, his rosé, and himself.

Alexis Ren

Alexis made her claim to fame on Instagram, posting content that embodies femininity, beauty, fashion, and human aesthetics. Her posts embody the human spirit, feminine strength, natural beauty, and everyday moments; all the things that her followers love because it makes her relatable and on the same level as her followers. Due to the amount of followers she has garnered over a short period of time, Ren had secured a spot on Maxim’s cover back in 2017 and became the official cover girl for Maxim magazine in August 2017. She eventually became Maxim Mexico’s cover girl for the March 2018 issue, as well as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie for 2018. Her huge popularity and following on Instagram and in the modeling world landed her a spot on the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars in which she came in 2nd place. To date, her Instagram has garnered up to 13 million followers and counting.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh made her claim to fame when she started making YouTube videos to help her through her struggles with depression. Making content that was not only funny, enjoyable, and completely real and vulnerable, Lilly made her way into the hearts and minds of all her followers. Since her start, Lilly has made huge strides in the YouTube community, being the first YouTuber to have her own feature film called “A Trip to Unicorn Island” be released in theaters, as well as writing her very first New York Times Bestselling book “How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life.” In more recent years, Singh has used her Youtube platform to expand her content out towards more advocacy and social justice issues, specifically standing up for women and feminism. Using her YouTube success, she had founded the advocacy organization known as Girl Power, an organization that uplifts, promotes, loves, and respects all women. Her YouTube presence had also expanded to her Instagram page, posting about various social justice issues while also staying true to her original mainstream content that many fans recognize her for. Due to her authenticity, vulnerability, and funny demeanor, Singh has garnered over 7 million followers on Instagram and a whopping 13.2 million subscribers on YouTube, making her one of the most subscribed female channels in all of YouTube history.

You may be wondering the point behind why I listed a whole bunch of social media influencers and their accomplishments above, right? Well, the point is to prove how social media influencers became something by essentially starting with nothing. They, too, only had a certain amount of followers and only posted pictures on Instagram for the fun of it all. They started from the ground and worked themselves up from there, using Instagram and even YouTube for their own amusement; never actually thinking that they could make something of themselves because of social media. All of this aside, I’m sure you are wondering one thing: Through all of their accomplishments, how and why are they labeled as social media influencers? Well, let me tell you.

One thing that they all have in common is the drive and the will to use social media as their job market. Like what we do here at Tree Frog, many social media influencers promote their merch, their products, and their clothing lines through their various Instagram posts and YouTube videos. The drive to succeed in the business and the drive to promote themselves is all done by the passion they have for social media and the passion they have for producing the content they create on their social media pages. Without the drive and the will, they would not be where they are today.

Another reason as to why they are all successful influencers is through their ability to maintain a large following. How is this possible? By posting copious amounts of Instagram pictures and YouTube videos. The name of the social media influencer game is relevancy and how one can stay relevant in an ever-present and changing society. All of the social media influencers above maintain a large following by being active on their respective social media platforms and by coming up with content they know their followers and subscribers will love. Like how Tree Frog ensures you an organic increase in your followers and likes, social media influencers maintain that same sense of security through consistent posts/uploads, but also being present in their follower’s/subscriber’s lives.

The main reason why these group of influencers are successful at what they do is in their job title: they influence. These influencers use their influence to promote a sense of self. The reason as to why we like these influencers so much is that they have the uncanny ability to portray themselves in an authentic light, making us believe that we are their best friend or that we have some sort of special bond with them through the things they post. Not only that, but they are real with us and through that realness, give us a way to connect with them when they have experienced something we ourselves have experienced.

Finally, the biggest reasons as to why these influencers are known for their influence is because they use their influence to help make the world a better place; to try and make one small positive change in the world if possible. These influencers influence positive change, growth, togetherness, love, and unity through their various posts. Whether it be a post on satire that promotes silliness, laughter, and happiness or a post about social justice that promotes fairness and equality amongst all, these influencers use their voice to promote themselves as part of something bigger. The influence they spread to their followers is something that speaks to their audiences; something that resonates and impacts them deeply. By staying true to who they are while also using their voices and platforms to promote positivity and change, these influencers gain a type of fame that is in a category all on its own.

We at Tree Frog, no matter if you are an influencer or not, look at social media as a promotional tool and will always advocate for those who use their Instagram or any other social media app for good. We try to help you all gain followers in an organic way and one way of doing that is being your true self and being someone who influences positivity in oneself and positivity through a sense of positive change in our world. Not only that, but being active and engaged with social media and by being as interactive with your fan base as possible. It is all about connection, promotion, and authenticity. Remember that the next time you post a new Instagram picture, a new YouTube video, or when you make your first step into the social media influencer world. Maybe next time we will be writing about you next!

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