Recent Female R&B Collaborations

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August 25, 2021
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Recent Female R&B Collaborations

Recently, many of the biggest female artists in the R&B and Hip Hop world have been working together to create amazing tracks. Here is some information on those recent collabs with Cardi B, Normani, Lizzo, Kehlani, and Kiana Ledé.

Normani is currently one of the most talked-about female singers. She was a part of the girl group, Fifth Harmony, as many probably know. The group broke up in March of 2018, and people were actively waiting to see what Normani would do next. Most of her supporters believed she had a great solo career ahead. In 2019 she released her first single, ‘Motivation’. ‘Motivation’ paid tribute to 2000s’ and 90s R&B styles. However, until now she had not released anything else. In August she released the lead single in her first album, ‘Wild Side’ Featuring Cardi B. In an interview with Genius, she broke down the lyrics of the song, “I felt like this was an opportunity for people to see my sexy and me owning my sexy. Like, there are so many layers to me as a woman. And like I said, I wanted to express my femininity. And I just think that women, I feel like we’re superior. And I think that we’re the sexiest creatures alive”. Wild Side is Normani’s “pandemic baby”, she didn’t want it to be “the most challenging record” but rather “something everybody could sing too”. Cardi B commented about how it was working with Normani as well, “Normani is just such a great person, and I cannot wait for the world to see more of her.”

Kiana Ledé, singer and actress secured a deal with Republic Records after her cover of Hotline Bling was noticed. She instantly saw some success as her first single, ‘EX’, made it onto the billboard charts. Her latest single for her next album featured the singer, Kehlani. ‘Ur Best Friend’ is “about having a queer love interest for the first time, weaving a complex tale that shows queer relationships can also be nuanced and messy”. Kehlani and Kiana have been friends for a while, so it was great for Kiana to finally work with her. During an interview with them, she commented about her future music, “The whole upcoming project is based on my life, as always. It is about me finding the truth in my life. And by truth, I mean in myself and for myself.

In mid-August Lizzo took to social media by surprise by announcing that she will have a new song coming out on August 13th,  featuring Cardi B. ‘Rumors’ is a song many are anticipating as this is the collaboration fans have wanted for a while. Additionally, Lizzo has not released any new music since 2019, which gives Lizzo fans so much excitement for her new era. Lizzo had not tweeted in a long time because of “too many trolls” but she broke her hiatus because of the new single. She tweeted, “hey y’all…heard I was trending, so I decided to come back on here… what I miss?”. ‘Rumors’ has now been available on streaming platforms for the last two weeks! 

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