Pope Francis’ account keeps liking sexual content on Instagram

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December 27, 2020
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Pope Francis’ account keeps liking sexual content on Instagram

Pope Francis’ official Instagram account was caught liking explicit content again. This is the second time in the last few months that the verified francisus account has been spotted pressing the like button on sexually explicit photos from popular OnlyFans models. 

In the most recent incident, around December 21st, Francis’ account liked a photo from OnlyFans model, Margot Foxx. The like was spotted by thousands in the exact same way as it was in the previous incident. When looking above the caption of an Instagram post, users can see the number of likes along with the names of popular or frequently interacted with users’ accounts that also liked that post. 

So when the users that follow both Margot Foxx and Pope Francis saw the Pope’s name highlighted as a user that liked the photo, they began to share the news across social media. “They caught the Pope in 4K again,” said @snyyrid on Twitter in a post that now has over 40 thousand retweets and 360 thousand likes. 

Thousands of users have screenshotted the like before it was taken down and shared them as evidence, so there is absolutely no way this claim is untrue. The indisputable fact is that the Pope’s account liked this image, the only question is who was behind the screen. The Vatican has yet to comment on this incident. 

However, we could expect to hear from them soon as they were very public confronting the accusation the first time and had much to say about it. 

In early November, Francis’ account liked a photo from OnlyFans model, Natalia Garibotto. Instagram users were quick to publicize the incident much like what we see in December with the like on Foxx’s photo. 

The like was removed and the Vatican responded publicly questioning Instagram asking them how the like got onto Garibotto’s post and claiming to launch an investigation. A Vatican spokesperson told the Guardian, “We can exclude that the ‘like’ came from the Holy See,” meaning that the Pope himself couldn’t have liked the photo. They’ve explained how a team of individuals operate the social media account in question and this statement would strongly suggest it was one of these employees.

It’s believable that Francis himself is busy with other matters and doesn’t actually have time to scroll through social media posts on his own account as reports have claimed. However, it’s incredibly suspicious and embarrassing that this kind of behavior was caught not once, but twice in the past few months. 

How could whoever liked Foxx’s post not have learned from the first time this happened? We can only hope for the sake of Francis’ reputation that they finally get the message that every action made by public figures on social media is closely watched no matter how insignificant. Hopefully, they’ll at least figure out that an account’s followers can see what posts they like.

Evan Holden
Evan Holden
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