Passionflix is America’s Underrated Streaming Service

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February 22, 2021
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Passionflix is America’s Underrated Streaming Service

Most people would agree that book to movie adaptations are not always the best and that the books are usually better. Nonetheless, there is something exciting about favorite characters coming to life in a movie. Popular books like The Notebook and The Fault in Our Stars brought some of America’s favorite romances to theatres. The new streaming service, Passionflix is dedicated to exactly that process. 

PassionFlix was created in 2017 by Tosca Musk, Jina Panebianco, and Joany Kane. Joany Kane is a screenwriter, who has written the movie hit, The Christmas Card, came up with the idea of Passionflix in 2015. When Joany brought the idea to Jina and Tosca, Tosca stated they both “…. instantly saw the need for this platform and the partnership for Passionflix was formed.” Passionflix was then formed as a site where people, especially women, could watch movies based on their favorite romance novels. Over the last few years, they have been able to create 13 movies, 2 seasons of a TV series, and 9 short films.

The romance book industry has a $1.08 billion revenue. It is greater than the mystery, science fiction, and fantasy genres combined. There is an average number of 29 million people who regularly read romance. Regardless of these high credentials, there is a great deal of hate against the genre. Non-romance readers tend to associate romance with “bodice rippers, sexy covers, and non-consensual acts,” which leaves a negative impression on the genre. For instance, Fifty Shades of Grey is a popular romance novel that is also very controversial because of certain aspects of the plot. This is one of the books that is automatically thought of when the romance genre is mentioned. However, it’s important to note, not all romance books share the same sexual themes. Most romance novels are not only about romance; they show complex characters and how they grow, gripping plot, and real issues people face from day to day such as cancer, death, job exploration, and more. In particular, an abundance of romance novels tend to focus on female empowerment and their journey of finding themselves.

“Many of these stories need to be told with the female gaze in mind and working with a female team allows me to focus on telling the story in an engaging way that empowers women, shows love in a positive light, and reminds women to embrace their sensuality and sexuality. We want you to celebrate being a woman,” Musk explained on the working of Passionflix movies. 82 percent of women read romance novels, so having this platform has been uplifting for women.

At $5.99 a month, Passionflix subscribers are able to view the book-based movies and are able to view other classic movies as well. Contrary to other streaming services, all the movies on the site are in the romantic genre. Additionally, all the original movies are produced by the same three women. When casting and writing the screenplays, they truly focus on the fans and what they want. 

As Passionflix continues with its mission, it has a multitude of new movies coming out in the next couple of years! It will be exciting to see how the streaming service grows!

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