Pandemic revolutionizes the fitness Industry

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January 16, 2021
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Pandemic revolutionizes the fitness Industry

One of the most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions is losing weight and getting fit, but in today’s digital age there are many more resources to help one follow through with their fitness goals. Finding a workout that’s right for you and your fitness level is easier than ever. 

Fitness Influencers on Instagram and YouTube are bringing new improvements to the health industry. As gyms were forced to close due to the pandemic, many individuals shifted to home workouts, finding many free workout videos and tutorials online.

Chloe Ting is one fitness influencer who gained popularity through her home workout videos. Most of her workouts require no equipment making it perfect for people to implement at home. She helps set realistic expectations for her viewers. Being a fitness coach, some of her posts exhibit body positivity illustrating that bloating is totally normal and there’s no need to be ashamed of not having shredded abs every day. Through her Instagram page itschloeting, she created an encouraging community where individuals can send her their progress through her videos, and she will post these transformations. Other fitness influencers such as Kelsey Wells also encourage body positivity and empowerment through maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Pamela Reif, fitness model and social media star, is another inspiring fitness influencer. She has a wide range of videos from high-intensity interval training workouts, also known as HIIT, workouts for a specific part of the body, or dance workouts to have fun with but still burn calories. YouTube comments say that some of her workouts are more intense than those produced by Chloe Ting, so users may want to consider transitioning to Pamela after they feel comfortable with Chloe’s workouts.

There are many other fitness influencers that one can find who match their personal goals and ability levels. Not only do these influencers promote a healthy lifestyle but some of them also include healthy recipes so that you can have delicious but nutritious meals. 

At first, these videos were meant to be a temporary alternative for gyms. However, even as gyms reopen with guidelines to prevent the spread of  COVID-19 many are reluctant to return and others are canceling their memberships. Some are hesitant because the risk of contracting the coronavirus outweighs the benefits of attending a gym on a regular basis. Others believe that they cannot get as intense of a workout with restrictions in place.

Many have realized that they do not need a gym to stay fit. Instead of paying a monthly membership fee, they can buy simple equipment such as resistance bands, weights, a stretch mat, and receive just as good of a workout. 

Peloton broke the record of attendees in a live-streamed class in April where 23,000 people joined. This caused SoulCycle, a fitness company that offers cycling classes, to reduce the prices of their bikes after closing their indoor studios, and caused 24 Hour Fitness, another gym, to consider declaring bankruptcy (Forbes). This new trend may eventually require gyms and personal trainers to reduce their prices for their services to compete with cheaper and easier access to fitness information. Change is oftentimes inevitable, and it is up to us to embrace it.

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