Our Competitors Write Fake Reviews of Our Service

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Our Competitors Write Fake Reviews of Our Service

A tale as old as time: in industries that are morally bankrupt, the competition is ruthless.

Since 2017, we’ve outlasted dozens, if not hundreds, of our competitors here in the Instagram growth space. We’ve always tried to do things the right way, being as transparent as possible with our customers. We’re not a team that lives in the shadows. We’ve employed over a dozen people since inception and I can speak for management when I say that we take the integrity of our business seriously.

The negative fake reviews have always existed. Now, they have reached a point where even active customers are contacting us asking if the same, copy-and-pasted fake reviews not penned by actual customers are true.

Plainly: Our competitors create entire websites where they post reviews in order to boost their group of services while making everyone else look bad. The bad part: it works. Tree Frog has always been a small player in this space and we’ll likely always be a small player. We don’t have the resources to fight fake reviews on unmoderated, biased platforms. I’ve decided to write this post not to “expose” this fraud, but just to let prospective and existing customers know: you’re being manipulated.

As a counter, we do have some polarizing reviews on Trust Pilot. We write detailed responses to every review. As far as we know, these aren’t the “fake” ones. This is the best representation of our business. Also, it’s worth mentioning that we do have an affiliate program so while we’ve never paid for a review, we do compensate referred sales.

The Reviews:

The Small Business Blog (.net): If you check cached pages, you’ll see that this actually used to be a positive review. They just updated it to be a hilariously negative review. Whoever is behind this site never used our service. This site promotes Growthoid, Nitreo, and Stormlikes. All of these businesses have the same owner.

Jonathan Spire: We have a lukewarm review from this site. However, Jonathan Spire is a fake person using a stock photo as his headshot. This website also promotes Growthoid, Growthsilo, MoreLikes, and Nitreo. What makes this site tough is that they selectively allow comments, so people are free to write mean stuff, but any of the comments we’ve written trying to respond have… vanished.

EarthWeb: A composite of what we saw on the two above sites. Obviously fake with identical content and referrals.

Fanbump.co: This is barely even a review. This site promotes Instaforce aggressively.

Social Media Explorer: We’ve been covered on this site several times. Judging by writing styles, it’s been from several different sources. This seems to just be one of those pay-per-post websites.

The eCommerce Entrepreneur: We’ve actually corresponded with the owner of this site, and we feel the review is fair, though he has never purchased the service.

Blogger With a Cause: We received a thoroughly positive review from this site many years ago. We’ve attempted to contact the owners several times and have never received a response.

Pretty Good Reviews: We received a positive review from this site. The owner is likely independent.

SEO Digital Group: We’ve been featured on this site for a very, very long time. The owner is likely independent.

MKZ News: This is a “spun” (black hat practice where content is algorithmically altered to fool Google and steal search traffic) based on an article published on Social Media Explorer.

Socialmedia-times: This is also spun content.

D Magazine: This is a bizarre paid post by Social Meep. We were ranked #2 in this post. We’ve tried to contact this (very legitimate) company offering to add them to our affiliate program. They refuse to respond.


Hopefully, this post can help set the record straight. We’ve been surprised to find that a lot of the sites that used to host reviews–even they don’t exist anymore. We always welcome truthful reviews of our service, but the biased negative ones should be ignored.

Ryan H.
Ryan H.
Entrepreneur, brand developer and social media specialist, Ryan Hertel is the creative director of a social media growth service, Tree Frog, which he launched in 2017 alongside his business partner. Ryan travels back and forth between his companies and clients in New York City, Philadelphia and Scranton Pennsylvania. 

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