Nostradamus and his Predictions for 2021

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Nostradamus and his Predictions for 2021

Instagram pages such as collegefessing and nowthispolitics are including recaps of some of the most difficult moments of the past year. However, now with the rollout of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, there is hope for 2021. 

The excitement on December 31st leading up to 2020 was unparalleled. Countless people claimed, “This will be my year” and were ready to dive into the roaring twenties of the 21st century. However, when we drank champagne, kissed that special person at midnight and set fitness goals that would be buried by the end of the month, little did we know of a certain dark prophecy for the year to come. Internet users have uncovered a 500-year-old prediction foretelling what 2021 will hold. 

The next year may not be as bright as many hope. During the 16th century, a renowned french fortune teller by the name of Nostradamus delivered predictions about the future. Over the course of his life, he forecasted one thousand predictions in the poetic verses known as quatrains. Approximately 70% of his prophecies turned out to be true and it is claimed that he predicted the rise of Adolf Hitler and the attacks of 9/11. While he worked primarily for Catherine de Medici and Henry II, the queen and king of France, he did deliver a prophecy about 2021. A post by Instagram user pubity, revealed that Nostradamus’ prediction for 2021 is not as glamorous as we may have hoped.

He has written


“After great trouble for humanity,

A greater one is prepared,

The Great Mover renews the ages:

Rain blood, milk, famine, steel, and plague,

Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running” (Newsweek)


Some have interpreted this to foreshadow a famine sometime in the near future. Some of his other predictions include an asteroid hitting or nearly missing the earth as well as a zombie apocalypse. While a zombie apocalypse is highly unlikely, NASA scientists, who have been closely monitoring asteroids, claimed that there was an asteroid that passed dangerously close in November of 2020.

But don’t be discouraged just yet. Most of his predictions are vague and unsubstantiated. Nostradamus never included exact dates in any of his prophecies. However, it is known that every 100 quatrains represented a century and the quatrain above is part of his predictions for the 21st century. People have interpreted “great trouble for humanity” to mean the coronavirus pandemic but the statement within itself can refer to practically any hardship recently experienced. 

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