McDonald’s Celebrity Meals expanding from the McJordan to BTS

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April 28, 2021
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McDonald’s Celebrity Meals expanding from the McJordan to BTS

Celebrity partnerships with fast-food restaurants have become more popular as of late. A prime example would be the Charli D’Amelio drink at Dunkin Donuts. The reason The Charli became popular was not only because her fans were excited. Even those who weren’t supporters of Charli most likely tried the drink because of its extreme popularity. It’s more tempting to try the special drink named after a celebrity than the same drinks on the menu every day. 

The first McDonald’s celebrity meal was with Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is known as one of the greatest NBA players of all time, and his burger was released in 1992. The McJordan contains a quarter pounder with bacon and barbecue sauce, a side of fries, and a drink. The barbecue sauce is a special Jordan sauce as in 2012 a container of it sold for 9,995 dollars. Another reason the food item was special was because of its limited time offer, so more people were in a rush to try the Mcjordan before it left the eatery.

Last September, the Travis Scott Meal was released. It was similar to the McJordan. The only changes were that the barbecue sauce was no longer in the burger but on the side and there was a specific drink, Sprite. It was only available until October of 2020. The company commented, “Travis is one of the biggest musical artists and cultural icons in the world, with widespread appeal and an especially loyal following among young people,” when explaining why the partnership happened. The meal was a success as it got extremely popular, that there was a lack of quarter pounders for a while! 

J Balvin was the next person to work with the fast-food place. His meal included a Big Mac, a side of fries, and an Oreo Mcflurry. Also, J Balvin partnered with Mcdonald’s to sell merchandise. Unfortunately, the merchandise was not able to be distributed so instead, those who ordered received a free J Balvin Beanie, with their refund.

McDonald’s will now be collaborating with BTS, the K-pop boy band. BTS is one of the biggest bands in the world right now, with an abundance of loyal fans so this has a good foundation to be a success in America. This meal contains 10 chicken nuggets, fries, and a coke. What makes this special, though, is that it comes with sweet chili and cajun as sauce flavors; these flavors are usually included in South Korea’s McDonald’s.

In all, McDonald’s has greatly benefited from these endorsements and customers have enjoyed participating in these limited-time events. Many hope to see more celebrity meals in the future, so who’s celebrity order will be next?

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