Lizzo and Her Boy Problems

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May 2, 2021
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Lizzo and Her Boy Problems

Lizzo has become one of the biggest musical stars of the 21st century. Ever since 2019, Melissa Viviane “Lizzo” Jefferson has dominated the charts and has won 13 awards for her musical talent. However, Lizzo does more than just music, she is known for inspirational posts on social media, especially for body positivity. She even started a food trend, nature’s cereal, that took over Tik Tok for a better part of the year. Though, one of the best things about Lizzo is how relatable her content is. Her latest Tik Tok sparked viewers’ attention because as her first hit “Truth Hurts” states, she “got boy problems”.

Out of the multitude of attractive, male celebrities, it seems Chris Evans is one of the most popular. Evans is known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Universe films. Users all across social media apps have shown their love for Captain America. “No thoughts just Chris Evans being gorgeous as always”, “Chris Evan radiates so much comfort”, and lastly, “every day I try not to think [about] Chris Evans and every day I fail [because] of these pictures” are some of the tweets, Twitter users see on a daily basis.

Chris Evans is single, so many fans and supporters show their love towards him hoping he will notice them. It isn’t surprising that some celebrities feel the same way as well, which is where Lizzo’s viral video comes in. 

Lizzo posted a video, using the sound, “the reason I’m upset about this one is because I know I am not going to be able to marry him…” with Chris Evans’ Instagram messages in the background. Lizzo messaged Chris as a “joke”, so she was not sure if she would get a response back. A couple of days later, viewers found out Chris did message her. Viewers in the comments were going out of control in happiness for Lizzo, but also in jealousy. Some of the comments from users were, “NOOOO Lizzo get in the back of the line like all of us” and “she’s living all our dreams”. More recently, she provided another update that the two of them were still messaging on the app. Coupling rumors between the two may start (if they haven’t already) in the near future.

However, that is not where Lizzo’s interactions with male celebrities stop as Chet Hanks, actor and musician has made some headway towards Lizzo as well. Hanks recently commented that this summer would be “White boy summer” and “Black Queen Summer”. With the recent news of Lizzo and Chris Evans, he posted through Instagram stories that “If it doesn’t work out w/ captain America I’m here baby…”. Though, no one knows if he is being serious or not.

Ever since her rush into the spotlight, Lizzo has not had any public or private relationships. Fans and supporters are not sure what may happen with Chris Evans, but through interviews from the past, it seems as if Lizzo is happy with being single for now as she wants to focus on her music career.

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