Instagram Lets Users Change the App Icon for its Birthday Month

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Instagram Lets Users Change the App Icon for its Birthday Month

Instagram just released a new hidden feature available to all users only through the end of October. October 6th, 2020, was Instagram’s 10th birthday. To celebrate, they’ve released this new limited-time setting to allow users to restore the app icon to previous versions and use brand new alternative ones.

But how is the feature accessed? The feature is well hidden and the app gives no hints or any kind of indication that it’s even available. The only reason some were able to discover it was because of a mysterious tweet sent out by the Instagram Twitter account with a series of emojis signaling the instructions. 

To get access to the feature, users must first go to their account page through the icon on the bottom right of their screen, tap the three horizontal bars in the top right, tap “settings,” then finally pull down on the screen as if to refresh the page. 

The screen will explode with confetti and display the message, “Celebrate With Us,” while also revealing a hidden menu with 12 alternative app icons that, when selected, will change the appearance of the Instagram icon on the user’s home screen. 

The most interesting and exciting part of this feature is that it lets the user choose from all previous official Instagram icons. Starting in 2010 with the app’s never before seen or used pre-launch icon. The original and rarely seen icon used at launch and for only the first 22 days is available, and both variations of the classic polaroid look used from 2010 – 2016 are available too. The remaining 8 alternative icons are variations of the current design, titled Twilight, Sunrise, Aurora, Pride, Gold, Dark, Light, and Very Dark. 

As an Instagram user since almost the initial 2010 launch, seeing the original beige and rainbow polaroid camera on my home screen brings out a great deal of nostalgia and old memories. It’s unclear if this feature will ever be available again, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

Evan Holden
Evan Holden
Evan is the lead editor at Tree Frog Social.

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