How Twitter is Trying to Help the USWNT

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June 25, 2019
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How Twitter is Trying to Help the USWNT

The United States Women’s National Team emerged victorious in the Women’s World Cup Final against the Netherlands, and it is all over social media. Fans, public figures, and athletes all took to Instagram and Twitter to congratulate the USWNT on another historic World Cup victory, and Google even changed the logo on their homepage to celebrate the women’s triumph. With another win under their belt, the American women have now won 4 World Cups—and that is out of the 8 Women’s World Cups that have taken place so far.

Along with the praise the women have been receiving on social media, a few interesting hashtags have appeared on Twitter regarding the athletes’ compensation. Many users, like this man, cannot make sense of the fact that the USWNT team players are paid a fraction of what the United States Men’s National Team makes. Some are even arguing that the women should be paid more than the men because the women have historically had much more success than the men’s team. To put things in perspective, the USWNT have won the last two World Cups, and the highest the USMNT has placed in the tournament was third—almost 90 years ago. As a result, hashtags like #paythem and #equalpay are appearing in abundance on Twitter. There are even video clips of American fans chanting ‘equal pay’ after the USWNT’s victory.

Now, this is not a new phenomenon. The USWNT themselves have been pushing for equal pay for years, and they filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation in March as well. While no immediate change has come about yet, the lawsuit was definitely a step in the right direction. They have now proven yet again that their athletic abilities speak for themselves, and the Twittersphere has not shied away from vocalizing support for the women, either. Hopefully, it does not take another World Cup win for the USWNT to see some change in the amount they are paid but in the meantime it seems that popular sentiment will continue to overwhelmingly support the team’s cause.

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