How to Build Up Your Dating Profile like Your Instagram Page

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How to Build Up Your Dating Profile like Your Instagram Page

Dating in today’s society has never been harder. Gone are the days where you can casually meet someone at a bar or at a cafe or even in a bookstore perusing the fiction section all by your lonesome. Because of all the new dating apps and social media platforms available, not only do you have to be the part on paper, but you also have to look the part as well. Dating has become universally digitalized that we can find someone of interest through a swipe to the right. It sounds simple, huh? But how simple is it really?

The most common question I hear from my friends (and the question I agonizingly ask myself on occasion) is: how does one go about snagging a date from apps like Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, or Ok Cupid? Well, it is all about promotion. Like what we do here at Tree Frog, you have to promote yourself in a way that will not only capture the eye of potential followers, but you also want to give people a reason to follow you. If you feel you are having trouble in that department or feel you want some help gaining a more expansive and organic audience, then welcome to Tree Frog; we are the company for you! In the dating scene, however, you want to do the same thing. Promotion of self can take a variety of forms on a dating app and can sometimes be overwhelming. That is why we are here to help! 

The following are guidelines to help make your dating profile shine and stand out amongst the sea of suitors you are mixed in with. Allowing yourself to be open with a stranger is one thing, but making a good first impression that will last a lifetime will be the difference between being rejected or receiving that right swipe.

Guideline #1: Post your pictures wisely

What do I mean when I say post your pictures wisely? How does one have to be wise when posting a photo of them self on dating apps or even social media apps like Instagram? What I actually mean is to find pictures that not only show your face clearly, but also posting a picture that will help illuminate your personality. 

Pictures on both dating and other social media apps are the very first impression that people will get of you because it is the first thing that they will see. Having a picture on your profile that is blurry, pixelated, far away, or a shot of you looking aimlessly into the lens are the kind of pictures that will most likely get ignored. Posting pictures that are clear, close up to your face, and give the viewer/follower a semblance of who you truly are is what most people will gravitate towards. A quality selfie or full-body picture is the gravitas of your profile and is the thing that your future boyfriend/girlfriend will remember when talking to a whole bunch of other potential suitors.

Also as a side note, pictures with you and a puppy always works. Take it from someone who is seasoned on both dating and other social media apps, a cute puppy will melt the hearts of those looking for love. It works every. Single. Time!

Guideline #2: A Succinct, yet Descriptive Bio

When I say “bio,” I don’t mean a long essay of your life. What I mean is a short, yet powerful caption that will signify who you are to the person viewing your profile. 

Create a caption that represents who you are and what you want your potential partner/followers to know. Create a caption that correlates with the picture you are posting, so there is a nice flow throughout your profile. Create a caption that is memorable and will have people intrigued in getting to know you and what you are all about. Overall, create a caption that will make someone super like you because they can’t resist how amazing you are!

There are things to avoid, however, when writing a bio. The way to think of this side of the spectrum is to think about what would turn you off from someone on Tinder, Grindr, or even Bumble if you read their bio. Avoid boasting too much about your accomplishments in your profile. It is one thing to include humble brags (even when posting photos on Instagram about your accomplishments), but doing it to a level of excess will give people the impression that you are a narcissist. Also, try to avoid awkward humor on your profile. Things that you may think are funny may not translate that way to someone who is reading your profile. There is a time to be funny and to showcase your humor to the person you are dating, but putting it on your dating profile when others do not yet understand your sense of humor can be very risky.

In all honesty, there is no perfect way of captioning a photo on your profile or writing a bio on your dating app. In other words, create a bio that represents YOU. Remember, dating apps are like Instagram where it is all about promoting yourself. So, think about the best way to promote yourself in your bio and allow yourself to be seen by people you want to be seen by, especially if it leads to a date!

Guideline #3: Remain Active in both your Dating and Social Media Profiles

The more up to date your pictures and bios are, the more people will see how reliable and REAL you are. I say reliable and real because on many occasions, especially dating apps, you have those people who either post a picture of themselves seven years before with a dated bowl cut (guilty…) or you have those people who post the aforementioned blurry, pixelated picture where you can’t make out their face. From there, you begin to notice that they do not have a bio or that their bio consists only of their height (I have seen too many profiles like this). This could mean one of two things: 1) they are a catfish and you need to be mindful of those profiles on both dating and social media sites, or 2) they haven’t updated their profile in a long time. 

Remaining active on your dating profile will allow people who are potentially interested in you to see a sense of growth. They want to be able to see older pictures of when you were younger, but also see pictures of you currently. Again, it does tie into the idea of letting others know you are a real person, but it also gives people on dating apps a sense of who you are and how you have grown up. Moreover, the more up to date your pictures and bio are the more relatable and understood you become. Being active on dating sites also gives you more of an opportunity to meet more exciting and awesome people. Just like how Instagram works and what we do here at Tree Frog, constantly posting up to date photos of your life and captioning them with the best of captions is how you promote yourself to other people. It also gives people a taste of why they should talk to you, why they should follow you, or more importantly, why they should date you! 

Remember: Remaining active keeps you engaged in the present rather than staying stuck in the past. While many potential people you would want to date would love to learn more about who you have become, let them see that growth in your pictures and bio and let them be able to hear about those pictures; not just see them. It is all about showing rather than telling! Also, remaining active keeps you relevant on both platforms and is what will help you not only snag a date from that guy or girl you were hoping to meet, but will also help you gain more followers on your social media pages as well. The more you are active, the more you allow yourself to be put out there and the more you will allow yourself to be seen! So keep posting pictures of yourself and updating your profile; the more time goes on, the more people change, so embrace that change into your profile and allow people to see who you really are!

Guideline #4: Link your Instagram to your Dating Profile

This guideline ties into the one before, but for good reasons. While our dating apps give us little space to upload pictures and create an amazing bio, linking your Instagram or other social media pages will help people acknowledge your page more and more. It will validate that, yes, you are in fact an actual human being, but it also gives people a chance to learn who you are and to gain access into your personality. Again, it is all about promoting yourself to others, but it is also about making a lasting first impression on the ones who potentially want to date you. It puts a face to your name and associates words with who you represent in those pictures. It will help someone understand you better and, if they are iffy on your dating profile pictures, will help them be the first to message you!

Also, having your Instagram attached to your dating profile will help you gain more followers! If things don’t work out in the dating department, giving people on dating apps access to your Instagram will give them a reason to follow you and to be good friends with you too. This aspect of this guideline is one of Tree Frog’s fool-proof ways of organically gaining a following. Can’t catch a date? At least you can catch some followers who will have exposure to you and your page!

Guideline #5: Be Yourself

Plain and simple! For some, this may be a cake walk, but to others, being you in the dating world is what “causes” the single-life. The whole “I didn’t choose the single-life, the single-life chose me” bit. While it may be hard to believe, there is somebody out there for everybody; something I keep telling myself over multiple pints of ice cream! But it is true, there is somebody out there who will see your whole profile and will swipe right faster than you can post that new Instagram picture on your profile. It will happen, I promise! So, post that picture of you in a pumpkin patch holding a pumpkin or a picture of you holding your puppy with a cute caption to match. Just know that being yourself on both dating and social media apps like Instagram is what people look for. You may not find who you think you are looking for, but based on how you promote yourself on your dating and Instagram profiles, that person may have been under your nose the entire time.

Now that we are at the end, if you are still asking yourself “How can I make my dating profile be viewed more?” then I would recommend reading through this again. And again. And again until you find the perfect balance between promotion and personalization. Listen, I am the first one to admit that dating is hard. I am also the first one to admit that getting a lot of likes on my Instagram photos isn’t easy either, however, we all have to start somewhere, right? By being your authentic self, by following these guidelines, and with Tree Frog’s help, I know you will find that getting dates and more followers is much easier than swiping right. In fact, I know you will find it easier than choosing which filter to apply to the Instagram picture you will take of you and your future boyfriend/girlfriend.

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