How Tik Tok has Provided a Community for Body Positivity

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January 11, 2021
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How Tik Tok has Provided a Community for Body Positivity

The internet is a place where some can bully others and not have to face any consequences. It’s not surprising that social media users tend to post “perfect” pictures of themselves to avoid ridicule from the public. However, posting “perfect” pictures can influence other users, especially younger ones, the wrong way. Recently, the social media world has become more accepting of the idea that everyone is beautiful just the way they are. In regards to body positivity and awareness about eating disorders, Tik Tok influencers have created a safe space for all different body types and those who face disorders.

Brittani Lancaster has gained almost a million followers and 60 million likes due to her support for body positivity. In her Tik Tok bio, she states “You have a beautiful body. Balance is key!!” as she provides resources and influential videos to help others appreciate their bodies. In most of her posts, Brittaini states that she, herself, is recovering from two eating disorders. In one of her most popular videos, she displays all the food she eats in a day; she goes into detail about all the different meals and snacks she had during the day as she is in recovery. Another post contains Brittaini explaining how she learned to love her body just the way it was so that others could learn as well. Additionally, she demonstrates that one does not need to be a “size two” to wear a bikini; everyone and anyone can wear one. Lastly, on the possibility that someone who was scrolling through Tik Tok did not eat yet or was not planning on eating she gives reasons on why it’s important to eat. Brittaini has more videos and information about body positivity all throughout her Tik Tok and Instagram.

Another Tik Toker is Mina, from minarecovers; she provides posts about body positivity and about eating in recovery. In some of her videos, it’s shown that recovery isn’t easy and on some days she struggles too; users can see the struggle on her face and the shaking in her hands but most importantly, they see how she keeps going. She’s helping her followers know that it is okay to struggle. Another way she helps her followers is by helping to change the way her followers might think about food and the body as it is a crucial step in recovery; she indicates the difference in the ways she used to perceive food and her body before she was in recovery and the way she perceives them now.

To help those with eating struggles a trend going around Tik Tok is the “eat with me” videos. Tik Toker users post videos that allow people to eat with them if the user wants. In one of Tik Toker Kira’s posts, someone requested a video of her eating, so that her followers who do not feel comfortable eating could use that video for help. Kira eats and then asks the user to eat with her. It’s comforting for those who are scared to eat to have someone they follow and/or look up to eat with them and encourage it. There are many influencers following this trend to help their followers with their troubles.

The amount of negativity on social media is endless thus it is always great to see social media used for the good of others. Hopefully, these influencers and videos help those who are struggling with body positivity and eating disorders!

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