How the Pandemic Changed School and Work in the Future

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How the Pandemic Changed School and Work in the Future

When the pandemic hit, most people thought they would be away from work and school for around two weeks. Soon enough, the pandemic changed everything. It was more than two weeks, and it’s not over yet. Thankfully, with vaccines being more readily available, the world is getting back to some sort of normal. However, the pandemic has modified our lives forever, so how will the changes made in the pandemic still be incorporated into our lives?

One of the biggest and most popular companies during the pandemic is Zoom. In some ways, Zoom saved the world by giving people the ability to go to school and work. Most, probably, had never heard of the company before but now it’s everyone’s favorite video teleconference. Zoom’s annual revenue skyrocketed from $623 million in 2019 to $2.6 billion in 2020. Parties, graduations, concerts, and much more happened in some sort of variation thanks to Zoom. Many may wonder if the app will continue its success after the pandemic dies down, and it seems that it will. 

People have realized they can do so much at home. The world has been able to function, proving that being in person is not always needed. It is changing the way people see a job. So, will people start to work from home in greater numbers? A survey done by Pew Research Center stated that 54% of the people are comfortable with working from home even after the pandemic ends. Additionally, “about four-in-ten workers say their jobs can mostly be done from home”. This could mean more opportunities for remote jobs in the future. 

What about snow days? Are those gone forever? Being able to stay home from the usual responsibilities was a blessing for most workers. Spending almost two years being remote, the world knows how accessible it is to go temporarily online. It poses the question of during inclement weather events, will work just be done online? The NYC Department of Education confirmed those suspicions as it stated, “The DOE will shift all students to remote instruction in lieu of canceling schools due to severe weather conditions.” Snow days may not be the only thing changing.

How will sick days be handled now? Most people still went to work, school, or ran errands when they were sick. There’s no doubt that most employers will want employees to be fully vaccinated in order to work but there could be many other non-covid related reasons for an employee to take a sick day. It may just be easier to join a zoom while at home  safely away from everyone else.

The whole world keeps waiting and wondering when “normal” will come back. The world may have been influenced by the pandemic too drastically to ever be what it was before the pandemic. The bright side is that the world is making the right steps towards building a society where something like this either won’t happen again or can easily be dealt with. 

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