How Many ‘A Cinderella Story’ Movies are there?

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How Many ‘A Cinderella Story’ Movies are there?

All Disney princesses are astounding to their own merit, but Cinderella is the most popular. The princess “dominates in almost every continent”. After the original came out in 1950, multiple variations have been released all over the world. Some of the most known are the adaptations in the ‘A Cinderella Story’ franchise. The first premiered in 2004, while the most recent will be released in 2021. So, here is a breakdown of every movie that has been a part of the franchise so far.

Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray launched A Cinderella Story. It is one of the classic teen movies of the early 2000s. The retelling follows the heroine, Sam and the hero, Austin, who communicate through the internet as pen pals. They do not know each other’s true identities so; they decide to meet at their Halloween dance. While Austin is revealed to Sam as the star football player of the school, Sam disappears before midnight. Leaving only her phone, Austin goes on a hunt to try and figure out who the owner is. The film has had great success as it reached 70 million dollars at the box office. Duff and Murray both received teen choice awards for their performances. 

Another Cinderella Story premiered in 2008 and starred Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley. The plot followed Mary who wants to be a dancer, and Joey Parker, a teen celebrity who ends up at high school for his senior year. He wants to find someone to be in his music video, so he reveals he will be having a dance competition. At one of the parties at the school, where everyone is in disguise, Mary and Joey dance their hearts out, but they don’t recognize each other. This leads Joey to start looking for the girl he danced with.

Once Upon A Song was released in 2011 and it featured Lucy hale and Freddie Stroma. Katie wants to be a singer. Luke, the son of the president of Kensington Records, is newly enrolled in Wesley Academy of Arts and is being forced to work on a performance for school. Katie puts a CD of her own song in the president’s belongings. However, when the president tries to contact Katie for her amazing song, Gail (the stepmom) lies and says that her daughter, Bev, is the one on the demo. Bev wants to be a singer as well, but she is horrible. At a ball, where they are in masks, of course, Luke gets to hear Katie sing and falls for her voice, not knowing who she is. Unfortunately, Gail forces Katie to lip sync for Bev, so Luke begins to fall for Bev instead.

If the Shoe fits was put on video in 2016, with lead actors Sofia Carson and Thomas Law. A Cinderella Musical is being filmed in Tessa’s city, but her stepmother bans her from auditioning. She ends up disguising herself to audition, and when she finishes, she accidently leaves her shoe as she hurries off the stage. Reed, the male star, knows after he sees Tessa audition that he has found his co-lead, so he claims that the person who has the matching shoe will gain the role.

A Christmas Wish came out in 2019 featuring Laura Marano and Greg Sulkin. Similar to Lucy hale’s role, Kat wants to be a singer. Kat works at a Christmas amusement park, and she meets her new co-worker, Nick Wintergarden. Nick comes from a wealthy family and falls for Kat after he sees her sing. This leads to him asking Kat to the Winter Garden Gala, but her stepmothers and sisters may ruin her new opportunity with Nick before it even begins.  

Bailee Madison and Michael Evans Behling have acquired the lead roles in the new movie that will release in June of 2021. Finely lives on a farm with her step siblings and mothers but she wants to be an actress. Hollywood is brought to her town with their lead actor Jackson Stone. Finely auditions but her performance is disastrous so, in order to give herself another shot, she disguises herself as a man. Now, she has to balance accomplishing her dreams and keeping her true identity a secret. The trailer was only released a week ago, so many fans of the franchise cannot wait for A Cinderella Story: Starstruck!

Cinderella will always be a classic. The films may get redundant at times but that doesn’t stop fans from watching different variations of the original. As viewers wait for the new one, hopefully, some can enjoy re-watching a few of the old movies!

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