How BookTok is Helping Readers and Authors

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August 11, 2021
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How BookTok is Helping Readers and Authors

Some might think books are a dying trend. With the abundant amount of technology in the world, many speak about the struggle of opening a book and reading. Unfortunately, those who struggle to read are missing out on so many different worlds, stories, and creations. Most readers can agree that the feeling of reading a good book feels incredibly magical. It isn’t surprising that as TikTok has come to arise, those who had bookintsagrams or something of the sort joined and started BookTok. #BookTok has almost 17 billion views of authors and readers alike posting their own content. Readers are talking about everything book-related from favorite books, where to buy books, pet peeves, and more. Authors are promoting their own books, giving writing tips, and talking with their fans. In all, BookTok has become an amazing community for authors and readers.

Colleen Hoover is one of the most popular romances and women’s fiction authors. Thanks to TikTok, she is becoming increasingly more popular. She recently commented on an Instagram post, “Thanks to everyone on #Booktok for week after week of surprises this year, for getting FOUR of my books on the #USAToday bestsellers list”. Colleen’s most popular book of 2021 was released a few years ago. It Ends With Us follows the heroine, Lily as she goes through what many women have gone through with domestic abuse by a partner. The book is very close to Colleen as it is based on her mother’s past. It’s been on the New York Times bestseller list for 14 weeks. It even has its own movie deal in the works! Colleen has been beyond grateful for this news, “I’ve been quietly freaking out about the influx of new people reading my books. But what I really want to say is thank you. Thank you to everyone who has recommended my books. If you’re new to my books, welcome.”

Another author whose works have become increasingly popular because of TikTok is Kandi Steiner. Kandi recently made a TikTok about one of her books and it went viral with almost a million views which allowed A Love Letter to Whiskey to reach Amazon’s Top Ten. Kandi spoke about the news,I cannot say this enough — THANK YOU for loving this book and these psycho characters as much as I do. My heart is so full today knowing new readers are discovering Jamie and B, and it wouldn’t be possible without the readers who have been by my side for years. Your excitement and love for this book sell it. So, thank you”. Only a couple of months ago, a similar influx in readers happened. She posted a video where she spoke as the main character in her story, it received almost 4 million views and the next day, The Wrong Game was the #1 seller in sports romance. TikTok has proven to be extremely beneficial and has brought on a stepping stone towards an author’s career.

BookTok has been grateful to its readers as well. More people are picking up books as people are spreading more of their recommendations around. Book clubs are starting between individuals on the app as well. Most Barnes and Noble have whole sections on books that have gotten viral on Book Tok. In all, it provided new readers and old readers to come together to find a home filled with books.

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