How an extra button can transform your baggy pants

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June 3, 2021
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How an extra button can transform your baggy pants

The issue of pants being loose at the waist is all too real. For curvy girls especially, pants will often fit perfectly in every place except for the waist area.

Thousands of people have searched for a solution to this problem, with some ideas working better than others and most ideas working for only specific styles. Many of the solutions are difficult and time-consuming.

Luckily for us, a simpler and more versatile option exists: use a button pin to secure the pants at the waist. Her Secret Button offers four button pins for $25 or 8 button pins for $30. When I checked the site on 6/2/2021, there was a 50% off sale which took these numbers to $12 for four-button pins or $15 for eight-button pins. I assume that the site consistently has this sale going so that customers always feel like they’re getting a better deal.

Her Secret Button has a TikTok, Instagram, and website


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In this video, a woman explains how to use the special buttons. Essentially, each button functions as a pin that can be stuck through the pants. With the new button in place, it’s possible to button your pants further in, resulting in a snugger fit. Additional demonstrations, including this one and this one, can be found on Her Secret Button’s TikTok account.

If your pants aren’t fitting right, but you don’t wish to spend money on a quick fix or don’t have the time to wait for a shipment to come in, there are some alternative options.

One approach is to take out the excess fabric. This method is for people who know how to sew and are willing to devote a little more time and effort to the ordeal. There are a couple of ways to take out the excess fabric. This way involves moving the seam in and this way (method three of four on the list) involves tightening the waistband. 

An easier route to take is washing your pants with hot water. For this method to be effective, the pants should be washed alone in their own load, inside-out, and without fabric softener. Once washed, the pants should be dried on the highest heat setting for as long as it takes for them to reach the desired size. The downside to this approach is that the shrinking won’t be localized to just the waistband. So, if your pants fit you everywhere except for the waist area, this won’t be the best choice for you.

When it comes to tightening your pants at the waist, Her Secret Button provides a great long-term fix. This solution is a great price for a classy and durable solution.

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