Holi-Gram Part 1: Celebrating the Holiday Season One Instagram Post at a Time

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November 20, 2018
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Holi-Gram Part 1: Celebrating the Holiday Season One Instagram Post at a Time

You got Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s and Easter; Halloween, 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Valentine’s Day. But do you recall? The most famous social media app that is used for all? You guessed it: Instagram!

It is an unspoken and obligatory agreement for all Instagram users to post pictures related to the holiday season on their pages. Whether it is someone carving a pumpkin for Halloween, someone posing with their Thanksgiving feast ready to enter into a deep food coma, or someone opening gifts on Christmas morning, holiday posts on Instagram help bring about the holiday cheer and give them and their followers a sense of togetherness during the most wonderful time of the year.

Through all of the holiday pictures, however, how does one take the PERFECT holiday picture and how does one perfectly capture a picture that represents what the holiday means to them? Below are some suggestions on how to not only take the perfect holiday picture, but how to take a picture that will make your followers get a sense of how you view the holidays too. 

***Disclaimer: This blog will focus on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve ONLY. You will see other “Holi-Gram” blogs for other holidays in the future.***


It’s no hidden secret that Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and eating good food, but what’s more special than just experiencing these things by yourself? Sharing them with all of your followers of course!

Thanksgiving is all about showing (and telling) others what you are thankful for, whether it be a family member or having good health. Aside from saying it to your family around the table before you eat, why not post on Instagram what you are thankful for? Taking a picture of those you love, your pet, yourself in good health, or even of the things that have made you who you are, showing your followers the people or things in your life that you are thankful for is what will make your Instagram page completely human. Out of all the holidays, Thanksgiving (to me) is the one less commercialized and is the one that brings people together over something we all universally bond over: food. Taking the time to acknowledge those you appreciate and shouting out the things in your life that you feel has had a strong impact on your life is what Thanksgiving is all about. So, do it for the Gram and post that lovely picture of your family eating a delicious turkey or a picture of your Friendsgiving feast. Show your followers what Thanksgiving means to you, but also the things that make your Thanksgiving significant.


By far, Christmas is MY favorite holiday! Nothing beats the Christmas lights, the smell of pine, Christmas cookies baking in Mom’s oven, or decorating the Christmas tree with family on a cold winter’s night. Photographically, I feel Christmas is the most aesthetically pleasing to capture, however, that is just my opinion. With Christmas though, there is so many posts one can make and so little time. So, how does one capture the very essence of Christmas in one Instagram picture? Let me tell you!

For starters, I personally always took a picture of myself standing by a Christmas tree the very first of the month of December. Those posts commemorated the start of the Christmas season and my little countdown to when Christmas would be coming. Posts like that allowed my followers to see that Christmas, to me, is a month long celebration, but also how joyous, merry, and bright the holiday makes me! I wanted to start this holiday by giving my followers on my Instagram a taste of what Christmas is to me, so taking a picture with a Christmas tree garnered in bright lights (and a caption with lyrics to my favorite Christmas song) gives the impression that my love for Christmas starts with the tree, but branches out to so much more (see what I did there?)!

The second way of capturing what Christmas means to you is capturing moments in your life that you spend doing something fun for the holidays. Whether it be sledding with friends, snowboarding with your siblings, wrapping gifts together, or caroling in your neighborhood, taking a snapshot of fun Christmas activities that you do will help bring you and your followers some Christmas cheer! Not only this, but it invites your followers into your world and makes them feel as if they are doing those activities with you! It brings a piece of you into their lives and may even inspire them to celebrate the holiday season in a new and exciting way thanks to you!

One other way of taking the perfect Christmas picture on Instagram is posting a picture of annual holiday traditions you, your family, and your friends like to do each year. It may be one of the activities listed above, but it may also be something that you, your family, and your friends do that no one outside of that circle of people knows about. Like for me, one thing that I always do with my Mom is baking holiday cookies or going to NYC to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree with my best friends. These traditions are moments that should be shot, posted, and shared because they are the moments your followers crave this time of year as it epitomizes what your Christmas means to you! It is the perfect way to pay homage to the people you love and to pay homage to the bonding and togetherness you all do with that tradition. This kind of post can elicit the deepest and happiest of emotions and can put anyone—even those Scrooge’s and Grinches in the world—in the Christmas spirit!

Also, posting a photo of your Christmas tree with presents under it will ALWAYS be widely accepted and appreciated. It will make your followers feel warm, welcomed, and accepted as part of your family and as part of your Christmas morning! Give them a reason to feel like they are with you and that they are celebrating with you. Taking this kind of picture will give them that sense of unity and will allow them to have a smile on their face all Christmas Day long!


Occurring at the same time as Christmas, Hanukkah is another holiday that is very much a part of the foundation of the holiday season. Between the beauty of the Menorah and the eight days of constant, loving celebration, Hanukkah is a holiday that centers itself around family, faith, and fun!

For those who celebrate Hanukkah, sharing with your followers the gravitas of the holiday and what makes it so happy and light will allow others access into both the core of the holiday and into the core of your home! Taking pictures of the rituals and celebrations that come with the Hanukkah season are moments that followers want to see. Especially because Hanukkah is culturally specific, taking these pictures and posting them to Instagram will not only bring you closer to your audience, but it will also educate your followers on the symbolic nature of Hanukkah and why each part of the celebration is significant to the holiday as a whole. It brings a sense of inclusivity to your posts and makes those who celebrate Hanukkah too feel understood and related to. It also promotes your page in a way that invites those from different cultures into your home and gives them a chance to learn something new about you and your culture!

New Year’s Eve

The end of the year, but the beginning of new hopes and dreams! New Year’s Eve is probably the biggest celebration of the year. Not just for your own individual families, but for everybody in the world! Whether you are watching the ball drop from the streets of NYC or are watching it from your TV screen, New Year’s Eve marks the end of a long year, but also the mass celebration of making it through the year too. Capturing this holiday on Instagram can take many different forms, but like the other holidays we talked about, whatever makes the holiday for you is what your followers are most interested in!

For New Year’s, a lot of people can get very reflective of how their year went and the highlights of what they experienced. Posting a photo on Instagram with a caption to match that encapsulates your year is a post that is the most common, but the most sought out. Our followers like to see our growth and our humanness. They like to see and experience all of the ups and downs we witnessed that year and how we have grown from all of those experiences. Especially being the end of the year, making a post that is reflective of this is something that will not only bring you closer to your followers, but will also bring you closer to yourself. Through this post, you may think about things you never would have thought of originally or you may even begin to think about how this year will compare to the next. It can also make your followers comment on your post about how far you have come or how they wish they can have the same experiences that you had in the coming year. This kind of post can be very interactive between you and your followers, so share these kinds of experiences and see what you can learn from each other!

On the other hand, New Year’s Eve is all about the celebration, the glitz, and the glam; celebrating the end of the current year and the start of the new year through class, style, elegance, and lots of fun! New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that brings the holiday season to a close through a plethora of parties, celebrating each other and celebrating the new possibilities and opportunities that come ahead! For Instagram, capturing a party or celebration you are at will bring feelings of fun, happiness, and opulence to your page. Inviting your followers into a party you are attending will allow them to feel as if they are celebrating the end of the year with you! Posting a picture for Instagram with all of your family or all of your friends celebrating New Year’s will also make them feel as if they are celebrating with your family and friends as if they are a part of your family and friends. Allow them into your life and allow them into your party; everybody deserves to be with someone on New Year’s Eve!

Oh, one final thing for New Year’s, especially for you couples out there! Taking the obligatory kissing at midnight photo once the ball drops is very much sought after too! All of these holidays promote love and the love you have for the people in your life, so what better way to promote yourself—or for us at Tree Frog to promote your Instagram during the holiday season—than to post photos of you and your significant other kissing each other at midnight? Capture the love and share that love with your followers! It is the raw and intimate moments that your followers want, so give them one last picture of the year that will capture that very moment! Go ahead; do it for the Holiday Gram!

While this is just part one of the Holi-Gram blog, I hope this gives you all an example of different kinds of holiday posts you all can post or see on your Instagram page! We at Tree Frog love the holidays and love seeing all of your posts because we know all of your followers—both old and new—will love them too. While we love helping you all gain more followers throughout the year, the holidays make it extra special because it is a time when we all come closer together. Plus, in promoting your pages, we bring you closer to those who may be alone during the holidays in hopes that EVERYONE has someone to celebrate with! Think of our services as our gift to you all during this time of year and for bringing new people into your life to share these holiday experiences with.

From all of us at Tree Frog, we want to wish you all a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season and many more to come! So, go take those holiday pictures and post them right away! We look forward to seeing how you all celebrate and what each holiday means to you. Happy Holidays!

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