Has “Driver’s License” Created one of The Biggest Publicity Stunts Ever?

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February 8, 2021
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Has “Driver’s License” Created one of The Biggest Publicity Stunts Ever?

On January 8th Olivia Rodrigo, singer and actress released her song, “Driver’s License” and it became an instant hit. In a matter of days, it became one of 2021’s most successful songs as it broke the “record for the most single-day streams for a non-holiday song” and was noted as “one of the most dominant number-one hits in history.” Additionally, Olivia received praise for her song from multiple artists including Taylor Swift and Niall Horan. 

Even though Olivia created a great song, that is not the only reason people are talking about it. There’s some context behind the lyrics in the song that have caught everyone’s attention which is why so many people have been streaming it. 

The lyrics mention Olivia getting her driver’s license, but she is not able to share this new ability with the guy that helped her learn how to drive because he has moved on with someone else. Fans were quick to guess who the song was about. Olivia was on the popular show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (HSMTMTS) with her co-star Joshua Bassett. There were rumors that the two were dating, but nothing was ever confirmed. 

Months later, fans noticed that Joshua was hanging out with Sabrina Carpenter, another Disney star, so rumors fled that Joshua and Sabrina were dating. Fans have been led to believe that the song is about those two people. One of the main reasons is because Sabrina Carpenter is blonde, and Olivia states in her song, “..and you’re probably with that blonde girl..” Another reason is the line, “Guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me” which fans believe refers to a song Joshua released in July called “Anyone Else” which was indeed a love song.

Rumors haven’t stopped as Joshua and Sabrina have released music in the weeks after “Driver’s license.” Joshua released a song called “Lie Lie Lie” referring to a friend who was lying behind his back. However, Joshua has stated in an Instagram story that he wrote this a couple of years ago so his song is a coincidence but that has not stopped the rumors of people thinking the song is about Olivia. While Sabrina recently released a song called “Skin” and there is a line that says, “…maybe blonde was the only rhyme..” which fans have thought is a direct response to Olivia’s line.

This is becoming an epic Disney love triangle which is why some observers have started to think that this may just be a publicity stunt. All these song releases and the specific lines make this seem like a staged fight; everything seems to be flowing too perfectly if these three people are actually in a love triangle. For instance, how was Sabrina easily able to make a “diss” track only two weeks after “Driver’s License” came out? In addition, neither one of the three is denying the rumors.

Without a doubt, this love triangle is helping all three of their careers because the internet cannot stop talking about it and their songs have been trending ever since the rumors have speculated. It has even sparked some people to watch HSMTMTS to see the chemistry between Joshua and Olivia. With the second season coming out soon, many fans and outsiders will tune in to see if the chemistry between Joshua and Olivia is the same.



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