Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1What is Tree Frog?
Tree Frog is an organic social media growth service managed by real people. We’re a team comprised of social media marketing gurus who have delivered millions of engagements for hundreds of clients. Purely results driven in our efforts, you can expect success when working with Tree Frog.
2How exactly does Tree Frog work?
Once you securely login on our website, you’ll fill out an info sheet that gives us accounts similar to yours as well as hashtags to target. We’ll target all the people that follow those accounts, because odds are, anyone who follows similar accounts to yours will follow you! We will interact with those targeted users so that they interact with you (follow, like, comment, you choose) and grow your Instagram account effectively and organically.
3Who should use Tree Frog?
In short, any individual, brand, or business can benefit from Tree Frog. Whether you’re a model, musician, entrepreneur, photographer, coffee shop, designer, venue, promoter, product, public figure, or pet enthusiast, Tree Frog is the answer to your social media success. Don’t listen to us, listen to them.
4Why choose Tree Frog?
If we’re going to get real here, it’s because the Tree Frog team believes in real results for real people. We got tired of seeing so many services deliver fake, botted, and unrelated engagements to paying customers. So we decided to start our own subscription-based service, and give the people what they deserved. Organic and authentic results.
5What makes Tree Frog different than its competitors?
When we say that Tree Frog is a service made by real people for real people, we mean that our users are truly our first priority. There's no catch, no deceit, no fake results. With so many fake social media growth services out there failing to deliver, somebody had to step up to the plate. Tree Frog is here to fill that spot. If you still aren't sure whether or not to trust us, feel free to contact our team directly and we'll give you all the reason you need to choose Tree Frog!
6Will you post/manage content on my Instagram?
Tree Frog solely grows your Instagram via our organic means. For social media management services, check out Socialocca!
7How can I contact Tree Frog?

We know customer service is typically a pain with so many companies. We're looking to try and make it a little less stressful when it comes to working with Tree Frog!

Click here to submit a support ticket and reach out!

8I sent Tree Frog a message. Why haven't I heard back yet?
We make our best effort to respond within 1 business day back to every email, call, & message. We're human though, we get busy & make mistakes! Our operating hours physically in-office are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. If you haven't heard back within a reasonable time, please follow up with us to make sure we received your inquiry. Thanks for understanding!
9I signed up. Why isn't my account getting likes yet?
Please allow 48-72 hours for our Tree Frog team to get your account setup for service. We're not just a start and stop automation bot like our competitors. A real human is taking their time to ensure your promotion is properly set up!
10I got a suspicious login and an email from Instagram with a 6-digit code. What now?
When our team attempts to access your account, you will receive a login from a different location in the United States. When you get this prompt on Instagram, please be aware that this was our team attempting to log into your account. Please press “yes, this was me!” After doing so, please check your email for the 6-digit code that Instagram will send you. Once you receive that code, please direct message it to @treefrogsocial on Instagram so we can get your account up and running! Please note: it is ultimately the subscribers responsibility to properly provide Tree Frog with this 6-digit code so we can get your account running on time.
11How many followers and 'likes' can you guarantee my account?
Here's a good rule of thumb when it comes to social media: If a service promises "guaranteed" followers or 'likes', 99% of the time, they're delivering you FAKE results. Don't fall for it. There is absolutely no way to guarantee a set number when it comes to organic growth. Tree Frog believes in real results, and therefore, we will never guarantee any set number to be delivered.
12Does Tree Frog buy fake followers?
Absolutely NOT!!! We HATE fake followers. We will NEVER purchase or send fake followers to your account or anyone else's. Period.
13What if I'm dissatisfied with the service and want a refund?
Refunds will not be granted to any user with an active account. Refunds are ultimately at the discretion of Tree Frog Social LLC.
14How do I cancel my subscription?

We'd hate to see you go, but if we can't change your mind, you may process cancellations automatically through our official cancellation request form.

If you are set on canceling regardless, due to the volume of support inquiries, we are unable to process cancellations via email or support ticket. Cancellations must be submitted through our official cancellation form.

Our cancellation form is built to troubleshoot & help users find solutions to their problems. The "cancellation request" link was originally sent in your welcome e-mail, but in case you no longer have that, you can cancel here: Cancellation Request.

Please note, cancellations take 72 hours of processing time and are effective immediately.

Please note: You must cancel with your ORIGINAL e-mail and username on file with Tree Frog or your account will NOT be canceled. If the submission is not working even with correct information, please try again from another browser! (Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.)

We hope to see you return in the future.

15How can I pay? Do you accept PayPal?

Tree Frog Social LLC. uses Stripe for payment processing. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification in the payments industry.

We do not accept PayPal.

16My account got temporarily banned. What happened?
Should your social profile get banned, contact support@treefrogsocial.com immediately. In our initial introduction email to all subscribers, we ask that you please be aware that you should not be using any other social media growth services when using Tree Frog. Other services can be detrimental to your social media success, and we don't want to see them ruin this opportunity for you! If you choose not to listen, a ban is very possible. Thankfully, you're only inhibited temporarily. Contact us, wait out the ban, and we'll get you back up and running soon as we're able too.
17Will you unfollow the people you follow on my behalf?
Of course! We don't want to clog your feed with a bunch of random pictures from people who aren't your real friends. Anyone we follow on your behalf, we unfollow within a few days.
18What happens after my discounted month of Tree Frog is up?
Once trial or discounted service period is complete, user’s subscription will be set to continuous auto-renewal payments of the agreed package price. Payment will be automatically authorized 30 days after initial registration.
19Is my personal information safe with Tree Frog?
State-of-the-art security systems are utilized by Tree Frog Social LLC. to protect all clients/users and account/personal information. However, Tree Frog Social LLC. will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting in any security breaches and/or data losses. All users should be cautious of any personal information on the internet in general.
20I changed my Instagram username/password. Do I need to let Tree Frog know?

Yes, you absolutely do in order for us to continue servicing your account! Please submit any password changes securely here: Password Change

If you changed your username, please file a cancellation for your account under your original username and resubscribe under your new username! This is the most secure way to ensure we can continue servicing you.

21Who's going to have access to my login credentials?
For users to gain access to Tree Frog services to increase social media growth, login credentials may be necessary to connect with Tree Frog programs. Users will login securely through platform API access tokens. Usernames, passwords and other personal information will be unavailable to any third party.
22Can I schedule a call with Tree Frog?
Tree Frog Social LLC. provides phone support exclusively for users subscribed to the Business Plan or higher. Those subscribers can schedule a call here: Schedule a Call
23I'm getting followers that aren't related to my brand. How can I fix this?

When it comes to your account targeting, it's ultimately up to you based on the targets you choose. For more specified targeting, we suggest you choose more niche accounts that don't have millions of followers.

More often then not, an account with tons of followers will have many international followers. If you're trying to keep your followers from a target demographic or location, be sure to choose your target accounts carefully so that the majority of their followers will fit your target criteria. It all comes down to proper marketing!

Please submit any targeting updates here: Targeting Update
24Tree Frog is leaving comments on photos but not liking them as well. Could you help me understand the strategy behind this?

We are only able to take so many actions on your behalf daily. It is more beneficial to the growth of your account for us to like OR comment instead of both, as it allows us to get you in front of more people every day!

Please note: We engage daily at all different hours of the day. There’s no set schedule, but typically we handle things sometime during working hours. Usually, we'll only comment/like on 1 photo per user in order to reach more users overall.

25How do I update the target market that I want Tree Frog to reach for my account?
Please submit any targeting updates here: Targeting Update
26How do I update my payment method?
You can update your payment method on file easily and securely right here: Update Payment Method Tree Frog Social LLC. uses Stripe for payment processing. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification in the payments industry. We do not accept PayPal.
27Can I pause my account with Tree Frog and start again in the future?

Tree Frog Social LLC. will not honor complimentary "account pauses" requested by users wishing to resume Tree Frog Social LLC services at a future date. Users must instead opt to "freeze" an account subscribed to Tree Frog Social LLC. services for a $5/month "freeze" fee to retain their established account.

We know this may sound like an inconvenience to users, but it is necessary for Tree Frog Social LLC to implement in order to avoid users from abusing an "account pause" system. Tree Frog Social LLC covers monthly expenses to maintain individual account security. "Freeze" rates are in place to cover that expense for any inactive users.

28Where can I login to view my dashboard and see results?

There is no login or dashboard access because the results are purely organic. You can, however, track your results via SocialBlade.

Furthermore, having a dashboard login platform goes against Instagram’s Terms of Service. You are able to track your stats, update your targets, and request any other adjustments through the submission forms linked right under our website’s CONTACT tab on the main menu.

29How do I 'blacklist' accounts?
Tree Frog Social LLC. is unable to interact with any account you have blocked on Instagram. If there are additional accounts which you need to 'blacklist', please submit them under the "additional details" section here: Targeting Update.
30How do I 'whitelist' accounts?
Tree Frog Social LLC. will never unfollow any accounts that you follow yourself! For any accounts that you don't wish to unfollow, just make sure you follow them yourself and we won't touch them.
31I can't like/comment on photos or follow other users. What is going on?

You are locked from performing select actions because you are being too active while we are engaging on your behalf. Please keep in mind when this happens, Instagram doesn’t always understand when 2 people are engaging with posts from different locations at the same time. There is no need to worry! Your account is totally safe. You’ll be able to resume normal activity shortly.

If this problem persists, log out of the Instagram app on your mobile device, and then log back in to re-establish your main connection to Instagram.

After notifying Tree Frog of a single incident, Tree Frog will alter our engagement strategy and sometimes may avoid "liking" photos entirely if a subscriber is too active on their own in doing so. Should a user continue to receive temporary "like" blocks, it is because the user themselves is being too active. Please note: your account is never in jeopardy throughout any of these temporary blocks!

32I see you’re following users but they’re not showing up in my feed. Where are they?
All accounts followed will be muted. If you wish for Tree Frog to not “mute” accounts, please let us know per request in the “additional details” section on our Targeting Update form.
33I just lost a bunch of followers! What did Tree Frog do?!

In short, absolutely nothing. This definitely was NOT Tree Frog.

If you’ve experienced a drop in followers, please note first and foremost, this was not because of any activity performed by Tree Frog Social LLC. Followers disappear when Instagram detects “ghost followers” (fake followers) and removes them from the platform.

We NEVER send our subscribers fake followers and we absolutely never will. If you experienced a drop off, It indicates that at some point your profile was followed by a number of ghost followers. We cannot be sure as to where you would have received them, but we strongly suggest to avoid adding any additional ghost profiles to your account!

34Will Tree Frog get my account get "shadow-banned"?

Absolutely not. "Shadowban" is caused by overusing hashtags. Tree Frog Social LLC. has nothing to do with excessive hashtag usage by our users.

*PLEASE NOTE* The concept of "shadowban" has never been confirmed by Instagram directly. It has never been defined as a fact by an official source.

Instagram "Shadowban" is known as when your hashtags become ‘un-discoverable’. You can use your hashtags, but they’ll only show up in the hashtag feeds of your current followers.

This means that your posts may be less-likely to show up in hashtag feeds of anyone who DOESN’T follow you. This will reduce the reach of your account, making it harder to reach a new audience.

35What more can I do to maximize my results?
While Tree Frog is able to get your profile in front of hundreds of new users every day, it ultimately comes down to your content being engaging enough to captivate new followers. This may be something to consider!
36What days/times will Tree Frog work with my account?
We engage daily at all different hours of the day. There’s no set schedule, but typically we handle things sometime during working hours!
37Can I earn money referring my friends to Tree Frog?
Of course! We have an incredibly intuitive affiliate system with advanced link tracking so our affiliates don't miss out on the sales they generate. Signup and start earning money by clicking here!
38Can you stop following and unfollowing users for me?

Of course! We can stop following and unfollowing users, but please know that your results will suffer if we do this.

If you’d like to confirm this change, please submit the request in the “additional details” section of our targeting update form: www.treefrogsocial.com/targeting-update.

39Where do I enter my promo code?

Enter your promo code in the box labeled “have a code or coupon?” This can be found directly at the top of the subscribe page: https://www.treefrogsocial.com/subscribe/.

Be sure to apply any active promo code before finalizing your payment. If the payment price is not adjusted when checking out, go back and make sure the promo code is applied properly.

Refunds or account credits will NOT be granted for any promo code that isn’t redeemed properly upon sign up.

40I’m getting a lot of new followers, but not as many likes. What’s happening?

While Tree Frog organically grows your IG profile, we cannot control the rate at which users engage with your content. Results on IG are dependent on a combination of timing, quality of content, type of account, post frequency, etc.

For more information on how to yield the best results with proper targeting, please see #23.

41How can I target more geographically specific users?

To best accomplish this, we suggest that you submit a targeting update to provide more locally based accounts. Prime account choices for this could be local minor or major league sports franchises, bars, restaurants. or even local fan pages. Examples include @njdevils or @newjerseyisbeautiful.

Please note: if you are looking for followers in Los Angeles and you target @lakers, you will get local followers. However, the example account here has approximately 8 million followers, while only approximately 4 million people live in Los Angeles. An account such as @losangeles_city has approximately 500,000 followers. With a more locally focused target account like this, it will be much more likely for those followers to live in the local area!

Please submit any targeting updates here: Targeting Update
42Why can't I login? I'm sure my username & password is correct, but it won't work!

Our login authentication is directly via IG. If you're receiving an "invalid username or password" error, it's definitely an invalid login error.

The login issue could be as simple as a single letter or number that’s off. Double check for extra spaces, case sensitive/caps lock, and make sure the "@" is NOT in front of your IG username when logging in.

If you absolutely cannot login by any means, a simple password reset via IG will do the trick.

43Will Tree Frog ever ask me directly for my password?
Absolutely not. No Tree Frog representative will ever directly ask you for your password. All password updates should be done securely via our password update form: Username/Password Change
44Can I change the account I have signed up with Tree Frog?

To avoid connectivity issues, subscribers are unable to change the account on file with Tree Frog Social LLC. Should a subscriber wish to have Tree Frog Social LLC. service another account, the subscriber must sign up the account separately.

If you changed your username, please file a cancellation for your account under your original username and resubscribe under your new username! This is the most secure way to ensure we can continue servicing you.

45Will Tree Frog unfollow users I’m already following?

Tree Frog is capable of unfollowing users you’re already following, but this is only done per request on a case by case basis.

If approved, please know it may take up to a full months service to unfollow even just 1,000 accounts safely. While unfollowing users, we aren’t able to engage nearly as frequently since we are limited by IG’s guidelines. We encourage users to unfollow the excess accounts they're following themselves before subscribing!

46Can I see what IG accounts are being targeted?
We follow users based on the target accounts you provide. The users who follow those accounts are the users we are targeting/engaging with on your behalf.
47Can Tree Frog "boost" my follower count?
Here at Tree Frog, we are a truly organic growth service that only provides real results. We will certainly get you the best results possible, but a "boost" is NOT something we can ever provide here. A "boost" implies a quick jump in follower growth that can only be done with FAKE results.
48Why is my account interacting with photos that don’t fit my demographic?

Please remember, IG is not policed heavily enough to keep 100% of the content posted authentic. Users will often mislabel photos with unrelated hashtags in order to attract new "likes" or comments from alternative demographics. For example, a picture of a banana may be hashtagged "#newmusic", but clearly the hashtag does not represent that photo well at all. Nonetheless, users will use excessive popular hashtags to obtain more attention and engagement on their posts.

When these inaccuracies occur, Tree Frog Social LLC. has no responsibility or control over what other users label or hashtag their posts. If you continue to have an issue with targeting inaccuracies like this, it may be worth considering updating your targeting information (see #23 regarding target updates).

49I was taken to a white page after paying. What happened?
If you were taken to a white screen after attempting to pay, then the payment failed due to either prepaid card usage or your bank blocking the transaction. Please try again with a different payment method or after authorizing the payment with your bank!
50I'm engaging with old target accounts/hashtags or leaving outdated comments even though I recently submitted a target update. What's going on?
This will happen from time to time! Not all users check their instagram as often as you or we may. Some users respond up to several weeks/months after we've interacted. Your new targets are being engaged with!
51I'm thinking about changing my username. Will this affect my service with Tree Frog?
Tree Frog HIGHLY recommends against changing your username. Not only may it jeopardize your account, but it may also confuse all of your current followers, possibly resulting in a large drop in engagement.
52Why are you not sending the exact direct message I submitted when subscribing?

If we are not submitting the exact direct message that you submitted when you subscribed, that means our team believes it is too specific and Instagram will immediately mark your account as spam. Should you wish to change your direct message to something that might suit all of your followers better, please submit that in the additional details section on our targeting update form.

Please submit any targeting updates here: Targeting Update

53Why is my "following" fluctuating?
As our Tree Frog team regularly follows and unfollows varying amounts of users, we do so at all different times of the day. This fluctuation is normal!
54Why am I not seeing the comments that are being left on my behalf?
You are only able to see the comments that are left on your behalf when someone either responds or "likes" them. Don't worry, we are definitely leaving comments if you have requested for us to do so!
55I would like to have you start or stop taking a certain action on my behalf.
If you would like for us to start or stop taking any certain action (like, comment, follow, etc.) on your behalf, all you need to do is let us know in the additional details section of our targeting update form: Targeting Update
56Will I lose the followers you've grown for my account if I unsubscribe?
Absolutely not! They are all real followers. It's actually quite the opposite, as the service continues to work for sometimes even weeks after unsubscribing.
57Why am I not getting exactly 9,000, 18,000, or 30,000 new followers a month on my respective subscription plan?
The "targeted followers reached per month" does not equate to guaranteed followers (please see #11 for more on this). Tree Frog can only market your account through organic engagement. We have no control over how many engaged users convert to following your account. That ultimately comes down to the quality of your content. Please see #35 for more on this!
58How do I enable the "swipe up" feature for my Instagram Stories?
Here is how to enable the "swipe up" feature on your stories: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/swipe-up-instagram-story-link-feature
59Why can’t I locate my account on Instagram?
If you cannot locate your account, it is most likely because you will need to log into it and update information for your account security. Please note, your account is still very safe, but Instagram will sometimes do this to force users into updating there phone number or other personal information.
60What happens if I unfollow the users you follow for me?
Tree Frog unfollows users we follow for subscribers after just a few days, allowing time for other users to follow back! If you decide to unfollow these users before Tree Frog does so, this may work against us and lessen our ability to grow your account.
61I got a notice from Instagram saying: “It looks like you may have shared your username and password with an app that offers Followers or Likes. We’re removing activity like new followers from these apps to protect our community from inauthentic activity. Change your password.” Did Tree Frog do this?
This only happens to users who use apps or services to buy/send unauthentic likes. This would never be Tree Frog’s doing as we are an organic growth service. We encourage users to be careful with any 3rd party services they choose to use!
62Why are Instagram's analytics showing less actions then Tree Frog should be taking on my behalf?
Do not worry! Instagram is only able to track actions taken from your own personal devices and does not account for the actions our Tree Frog team takes. We can ensure you that the proper activity is being taken during your subscription with Tree Frog!
63Can Tree Frog target only male or female followers for me?
Tree Frog can target exclusively male or female users, but we cannot guarantee perfect targeting since not all users list their gender with Instagram (businesses, organizations, etc.). If you wish to mostly target a specific demographic, please request for Tree Frog to do so in the "additional details" section on our Targeting Update form: Targeting Update
64I've had consistent growth. Why did I lose followers today?
It is not uncommon for users to unfollow accounts at times and result in a loss of followers. This is simply the result of more people "unfollowing" your account as opposed to having them follow you. This is rare, but does occur time to time.
65I cancelled my account, but I'm still getting results. What's happening?

Please note: not all users check their Instagram as often as we do. Some users respond up to several weeks/months after we've interacted. If you are still seeing results, they are residual and will stop in time.

It's also worth confirming that you've received your cancellation confirmation email. If you did not receive this, you might not have cancelled properly. In that case, please refer to #14 in our FAQ.

66What happens if I do a mass unfollowing after recently subscribing?
In any given situation, mass unfollowing users is sure to cause a follower drop-off. When users see you've unfollowed them, a percentage will also unfollow you in return. Please expect a drop-off if you intend to mass unfollow!
67I received this message: "Your Account Was Compromised. It looks like you shared your password with a service to help you get more likes or followers, which goes against our Community Guidelines. Change your password to continue using Instagram. If you share your new password with one of these services, you may get blocked from following, liking or commenting." Do I need to worry about this?
Don’t worry, this has happened for a few users, but there is nothing to be concerned with. Instagram is doing this to target fake “like” apps, which Tree Frog isn’t associated with. Please make sure we have your latest password updated securely here: Password Change