Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1What is Tree Frog?
Tree Frog is an organic social media growth service managed by real people. We’re a team comprised of social media marketing gurus who have delivered millions of engagements for hundreds of clients. Purely results driven in our efforts, you can expect success when working with Tree Frog.
2Who should use Tree Frog?
In short, any individual, brand, or business can benefit from Tree Frog. Whether you’re a model, musician, entrepreneur, photographer, coffee shop, designer, venue, promoter, product, public figure, or pet enthusiast, Tree Frog is the answer to your social media success. Don’t listen to us, listen to them.
3Why choose Tree Frog?
If we’re going to get real here, it’s because the Tree Frog team believes in real results for real people. We got tired of seeing so many services deliver fake, botted, and unrelated engagements to paying customers. So we decided to start our own subscription-based service, and give the people what they deserved. Organic and authentic results.
4What makes Tree Frog different than its competitors?
When we say that Tree Frog is a service made by real people for real people, we mean that our users are truly our first priority. There's no catch, no deceit, no fake results. With so many fake social media growth services out there failing to deliver, somebody had to step up to the plate. Tree Frog is here to fill that spot. If you still aren't sure whether or not to trust us, feel free to contact our team directly and we'll give you all the reason you need to choose Tree Frog!
5How can I contact Tree Frog?

We know customer service is typically a pain with so many companies. We're looking to try and make it a little less stressful when it comes to working with Tree Frog!

Phone Support: (833)-386-8226 ext. 2

Info: info@treefrogsocial.com

Support: support@treefrogsocial.com

Billing: billing@treefrogsocial.com

6I sent Tree Frog a message. Why haven't I heard back yet?
We make our best effort to respond within 2 business days back to every email, text, call, & message. We're human though, we make mistakes! If you haven't heard back within a reasonable time, please follow up with us to make sure we received your inquiry. Thanks for understanding!
7I signed up. Why isn't my account getting likes yet?
"Tree Frog needs at least (1) business day to get your account setup for promotion. We're not just a start and stop automation bot like our competitors. A real human is taking their time to ensure your promotion is properly set up!
8How many followers and 'likes' can you guarantee my account?
Here's a good rule of thumb when it comes to social media: If a service promises "guaranteed" followers or 'likes', 99% of the time, they're delivering you FAKE results. Don't fall for it. There is absolutely no way to guarantee a set number when it comes to organic growth. Tree Frog believes in real results, and therefore, we will never guarantee any set number to be delivered.
9What if I'm dissatisfied with the service and want a refund?
Refunds are ultimately at the discretion of Tree Frog. Refunds will not be granted to any user with an active account and/or an account that had not experienced any technical issues. Should you wish to request a refund, email support@treefrogsocial.com.
10How do I cancel my subscription?
We'd hate to see you go, but if we can't change your mind, submit an official cancellation request through the contact form here: Cancellation Request
11My account got temporarily banned. What happened?
Should your social profile get banned, contact support@treefrogsocial.com immediately. In our initial introduction email to all subscribers, we ask that you please be aware that you should not be using any other social media growth services when using Tree Frog. Other services can be detrimental to your social media success, and we don't want to see them ruin this opportunity for you! If you choose not to listen, a ban is very possible. Thankfully, you're only inhibited temporarily. Contact us, wait out the ban, and we'll get you back up and running soon as we're able too.
12Will you unfollow the people you follow on my behalf?
Of course! We don't want to clog your feed with a bunch of random pictures from people who aren't your real friends. Anyone we follow on your behalf, we unfollow within a few days.
13What happens after my discounted month of Tree Frog is up?
Once trial or discounted service period is complete, user’s subscription will be set to continuous auto-renewal payments of the agreed package price. Payment will be automatically authorized 30 days after initial registration.
14Is my personal information safe with Tree Frog?
State-of-the-art security systems are utilized by Tree Frog Social LLC. to protect all clients/users and account/personal information. However, Tree Frog Social LLC. will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting in any security breaches and/or data losses. All users should be cautious of any personal information on the internet in general.
15Who's going to have access to my login credentials?
For users to gain access to Tree Frog services to increase social media growth, login credentials may be necessary to connect with Tree Frog programs. Users will login securely through platform API access tokens. Usernames, passwords and other personal information will be unavailable to any third party.
16I changed my login credentials. What now?
Users will need to contact Tree Frog's customer service team in the event any login credentials for social media accounts utilizing Tree Frog services are updated/changed. Tree Frog has a 24hr email (support@treefrogsocial.com), & phone support (833-386-8226 ext. 2) for an easy and convenient customer service experience.
17Can I pause my account with Tree Frog and start again in the future?
Tree Frog Social LLC. will not honor complimentary "account pauses" requested by users wishing to resume Tree Frog Social LLC services at a future date. Users must instead opt to "freeze" an account subscribed to Tree Frog Social LLC. services for a $5/month "freeze" fee to retain their established account. We know this may sound like an inconvenience to users, but it is necessary for Tree Frog Social LLC to implement in order to avoid users from abusing an "account pause" system. Tree Frog Social LLC covers monthly expenses to maintain individual account security. "Freeze" rates are in place to cover that expense for any inactive users.