“Do it for the Gram!”

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“Do it for the Gram!”

Since I started using Instagram, I have always heard people say “Do it for the Gram!” At first, I was utterly confused and had no idea what people were talking about. But, as I started asking around, I found out that “Do it for the Gram” is something Instagram users say when they are deciding on posting a specific picture.

The phrase is a colloquial phrase that Instagram users say to each other in order for them to do something unique with their Instagram post. More often than not, the phrase represents an action or pose that one must do in order to make it Instagram worthy. The worthiness is determined by the user themselves, however, when they “Do it for the Gram,” they usually are keeping what their followers would want to see in mind while also posting content that is relevant to their page.

The more I hear this phrase, the more I wonder what it truly means to Instagram users worldwide. Does it have one concrete meaning? Does it have more than one? Does it refer to posting pictures? Does it refer to posting stories? The questions are endless, which is why I decided to ask some avid Instagram users what they think the phrase ultimately means.

This is what some of them had to say:


“To seize the moment of capturing the perfect picture.”

~Simi D.

For Simi, “Do it for the Gram” represents the epiphanic moment when someone has to take a picture and post it to Instagram. That need and that gut feeling one has when a moment is too good to pass up is when we post that kind of picture to our pages. It is that urge to take a picture of a beautiful sunset or that picture of yourself in a candid pose in front of a magnificent waterfall. It is that intrinsic, yet subconscious sense of wanting that drives a person to take a picture they feel they need to take and post it to their Instagram page. It is something indescribable, yet it is something that we know we want and have to do. We know we need to seize the moment through the lens on our phones and the moment we capture is something we feel we need. It is this carpe diem-esque volition that Simi feels represents this phrase and, I can honestly say, I have had that moment plenty of times myself.


“To do something out of the ordinary; something that you typically wouldn’t do and share it on Instagram.”

~Niesha W.

For Niesha, it is to capture something extraordinary through the lens of your camera and to share that experience with others. Whether it is going skydiving with your best friend, grape stomping in a vineyard at Napa Valley, or climbing Mount Everest, the key to this phrase for Niesha is taking a snapshot of an experience that will essentially last a lifetime; one that you and your followers can look back at with nostalgia, pride, and fondness. For Niesha, it is to do something fun, something that one would never do on a day by day basis, and post it on Instagram for all to see. Sharing these experiences with friends, families, and your followers will create a book of memories that one can cherish forever.


“To me, it means to do something king of silly or ‘extra’ in order to get a good Instagram pic.”

~Chris P.

For Chris, it is all about being a more heightened version of oneself in order to take the perfect Instagram picture. When one is “extra,”https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=extra they are over-the-top, dramatic, and flamboyant and do typical, low key things and turn them into something unique and charismatic. Capture moments that will make people laugh and show people a side of your character that they may not expect. You want to post a picture with your friend? Do it while giving them a big kiss on the cheek or by pretending to pick their nose! You want to capture a nice moment with your Mom? Pose with her, but make a funny face. You want to take a picture of you during a snow day? Take it while in your underwear. The point of being extra is to be yourself, but the part of yourself that will make any typical picture be the talk of the Town, or more so the talk of Instagram. For Chris, it is that level of drama that truly makes for the perfect Instagram picture and is what makes the phrase as impactful as it is in our world of social media.


“Do it for the Gram,” as one can see, is a phrase with a multifaceted definition. There is not one definition to describe the phrase, but it takes one phrase to create a plethora of meanings behind it. For the people I asked, “Do it for the Gram” is synonymous to fun, whimsy, and longing, the very essence that makes an Instagram post worthwhile.

We at Tree Frog know the importance behind Instagram and what taking a picture “for the Gram” can do for one’s page. We know that pictures are personal, but they are also ways to show your followers a side of you that may go unnoticed. That is why our services will help you get noticed and how posting pictures “for the Gram” will benefit your page entirely.

So, I challenge you all to go out and “Do it for the Gram.” Whatever that phrase means to you, go out and do it, but make sure you capture it on your phone and post it to Instagram. Show your followers—old and new—how you seize the perfect moment, how you do extraordinary things, and how being “extra” just means that you are being the best you that you can be. We at Tree Frog want to see it and promote it for your new followers, but most importantly, we want to see you do it for yourself. “Do it for the Gram,” but also “Do it for yourself.”

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