Different Ways People are eating Watermelon on TikTok

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Different Ways People are eating Watermelon on TikTok

It’s summertime which means it’s watermelon season for most people in America! Watermelon has been rated by the New York Times as the most popular summer fruit as they “are social by nature, built for crowds, happiest surrounded by humans, surrendered to the whim of the summer mob”. With all the crazy and different food creations that are made on TikTok, it isn’t surprising that one of the newest trends includes different variations to eating the tasty fruit besides just eating it plain.

First is the supposed alternative to eating fruit. Janelle Ronher is known on TikTok as a foodie creator. Her videos range from her keto diets to random food creations to what she eats on a daily basis. Janelle’s diet may seem abnormal to some people as she tends to eat tomato burgers or even fried cheese. Her intriguing food taste has started a running joke on her post, where people usually comment, “is it bussing?” when she shares a new recipe. This is generation Z’s joking way of asking if the food she creates is actually good or is she just making it for the views. Currently, one of her most viral videos with almost 17 million views, is her trying cucumber dipped in sugar. In the video, she claims that this combination tastes just like watermelon. Most people in the comments were confused as to why anyone would want to find another way to make watermelon. Since it is a fruit, that means it is healthy by itself, so why would anyone want an alternative? Some of the comments included, “you know what else tastes like a watermelon?? A watermelon?” Another person responded with a video stating, “Janelle! Now I love the creativity, is there a watermelon shortage where you are? I can send you some if you need it.”                   

Additionally, Janelle introduced another hack in a video. “My absolute favorite, favorite, way to eat watermelon is with cinnamon on it. I know I do a lot of weird things but trust me on this one,” she stated as she ate her favorite combination. This combination seemed like something most people could get by and most commenters enjoyed the summer fruit with cinnamon.

Another strange mixture has been to add mustard to the product, but it hasn’t been a fan favorite on the app. One of the most popular videos displaying the combination is from Young Yuh. He explains how, “it’s so tangy, vinegary, and matches so well with the watermelon.”

Ultimately, the surprising number of random ways people have decided to eat the fruit somehow became a trend on TikTok; most likely by accident people created something that went viral on the app. So, what will the next viral combination be?

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