Creative Examples of Celebrity Marketing Through Gaming

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August 30, 2021
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Creative Examples of Celebrity Marketing Through Gaming

In the past, celebrities were usually marketed through a few simple mediums, like books, magazines, newspapers, TV commercials and music videos. Times have changed – and so have their marketing methods. Today, we have seen celebrities use various creative methods, like games, to expand their own personal brands and spread their influence.

This is a very clever and innovative approach of spreading their personal brand because, from a cost perspective, it requires minimal effort on the celebrity’s part and such endeavors often expose the celebrity to an audience the celebrity wouldn’t otherwise be interacting with.

Celebrities may be marketed as an individual, or as a part of a group. They typically attach their individual names or group names to a game, and this allows them to connect with fans, gain popularity and improve their public approval ratings. This gives the players a feeling of connection and belongingness with the celebrities as they believe that they are playing the same game their idols are interested in. The feeling of having something similar with a celebrity increases the fan’s loyalty to that celebrity, and in essence, to the game.

Here are five examples of creative celebrity-related games:

1. Friends Bingo Game

During the 2021 comedy/documentary, Friends: The Reunion, the stars of the hit TV series reunited and reminisced about their fondest memories while working on the show. This, of course, reignited the love of their fans and gave their fans a stream of continuous entertainment. Luckily for fans, even after the documentary, Friends fanatics got the chance to play the Friends bingo game, which is being hosted on gaming platform, Gala Bingo. It is accessible via desktop computer and a downloadable app.

2. Katy Perry’s “Katy’s Quest” Game

Katy Perry recently released her sixth album, “Smile,” and to accompany her newest album, she also released her circus-themed video game called “Katy’s Quest.” In the game, you are Katy Clown and your goal is to assist everyone in the circus to find their smiles. Whenever you find a smile, it will naturally make you smile. The release of this game was very timely as it allowed Katy’s fans to listen to her music and interact with her through this game at the same time.

3. Guns N’ Roses Slot Reel Games

Guns N’ Roses teamed up with the gaming industry to produce the “Guns N’ Roses Slot Reels” which allows players to enjoy the sounds of electrifying guitars, listen to cool tunes and win money. This creative idea combines the legendary Guns N’ Roses rock and roll music together with the lucky slot machines – now, that is one electrifying magic machine that ought to keep you entertained for hours!

4. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Game

This game became one of the top-rated skateboarding games, and inevitably, pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk became even more famous in tandem with the popularity of the game. The video game allowed the users to skate like the legendary Tony Hawk, and do all the same stunts and tricks in the virtual world, without the dangers of real life risks.

5. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Reality celebrity-entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has her own video game where players attempt to increase their individual reputation by gaining fans with the goal to eventually become A-list celebrities. It allows players to live the dream life in the famous district Hollywood, just like Kim!

These are just a few examples of how famous people are using creative celebrity-related games to market themselves in this new world of advanced technologies. In this day and age, no platform is off-limits and we encourage you to expand your brand by all means.

We hope you have enjoyed these examples of creative brand expansion, and encourage you to browse through the rest of our growth-oriented content here at Tree Frog Social.

Ryan H.
Ryan H.
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