Celebrity Only Apps: Clubhouse And Raya

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Celebrity Only Apps: Clubhouse And Raya

Clubhouse is a new social media app that has been flowing with some popularity, but many have not heard about it because they have not received an invite. The app that has been endorsed by celebrities, like Oprah and Aston Kutcher, is not like any other social media app. For one, it’s an invitation-only app, so not everyone has the privilege of being able to use it. 

Additionally, it’s based solely on audio messages between those who are on the app. People can start their own conversations and even listen to other people’s conversations. Each conversation has a host moderating it and people in the conversation are able to use the “raise your hand” feature and mute themselves. 

Clubhouse has been growing quickly as it already has 2 million users. Tae Kim from the Bloomberg Opinion stated, “I met and became friends with professors, filmmakers, artists, engineers and more from places all over the world. It has been intoxicating listening to people’s life stories and absorbing their knowledge and experience.” The app is currently in beta form so it’s already gotten popular without being a fully-fledged app. 

The privacy of the app is made for celebrities, well-known businessmen and women, social media influencers, and more so they can have a space to work and communicate in a private way. 

This creates a stark contrast to other social media apps, as users don’t have to be open to the public with the audio messages they share. Besides the invite-only aspect, other ways the app heightens privacy is that any audio that is said on the app cannot be saved or be recorded. Additionally, each member can only invite one other person.

Clubhouse is not the only app for celebrities and the elite. Raya, a dating app, requires users to submit an application to get in. Raya only accepts 8 percent of the people that apply. To get into the app users need to be of significantly high status, even though elitism is a big part of it, user’s applications also need to stand out in some way. The app even has a waiting list because of the number of people that apply. It was launched in 2015, and celebrities like Cara Delavigne, Drew Barrymore, Joe Jonas, and more have allegedly been spotted on the app.

In this advancing world of technology, it has become harder for well-known people to have regular social media experiences, so it’s not surprising that Clubhouse and Raya exist. It allows the elite and well known to have some sort of a normal social media life without the constant view of the public watching. With the flow of more users on Clubhouse and Raya, there is no doubt other elitism apps will be continued to be made in the future.

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